Adolescence Syndrome

Jaylan 2022-11-23 15:04:29

A series of stories caused by puberty syndrome, Azusagawa Sakuta has always been gentle to help everyone through this disease.

Azusagawa Sakuta decided to go to Minehara High School because she met Shoko Makinohara who had puberty syndrome at the beach, and she met Mai-senpai. Mai-senpai's puberty syndrome is that more and more people don't remember and can't see themselves. Azusagawa Sakuta helped Mai-senpai to solve this problem and became a lover smoothly. Mai-senpai also returned to the showbiz, but at the same time continued to go to school. The two fell in love in this situation.

Futaba and Kunimi are good friends of Azusagawa Sakuta. Futaba's puberty syndrome is caused by the entanglement of her plump figure and two Futaba. Azusagawa Sakuta helped Futaba overcome this problem and made Futaba face up to her liking for Kunimi. Futaba bravely confessed her feelings to Kunimi, and also told Kunimi to quickly reconcile with his girlfriend. They are still good friends.

Shoko Makinohara had a heart attack, and because he was afraid of the future but wanted to live, he got puberty syndrome, so Makinohara, a junior middle school student and a college student, appeared.

Azusagawa Sakuta donated her heart to Makinohara because she died in a car accident, and Mai-senpai decides to sacrifice herself to save Azusagawa Sakuta and let them live. In another world where Mai-senpai sacrificed, Makinohara and Azusagawa Sakuta got married, but he found out that his favorite was Mai-senpai, so Makinohara Shoko gave up his future with Azusagawa Sakuta and helped Azusagawa Sakuta travel back to the past and let them to be able to be together again.

Shoko Makinohara also bravely wrote down her expectations for the future because she gave up her entanglement about the future, and no longer suffers from puberty syndrome. Mai-senpai made a related movie because of her remnants of the story of Shoko Makinohara, so that Shoko Makinohara got the opportunity to donate organs and survived.

Azusagawa Sakuta and Mai-senpai passed by the beach after praying at the temple fair and saw Shoko Makinohara, and finally ended the scene by looking at each other and smiling. Shoko rescues Sakuta at the beach.

Sakuta saves Mai at school.

Mai saves Sakuta on the snowy night.

Sakuta saves Mai with Shoko's help.

In the end, Mai's movie and Sakuta's habitual fundraising also (indirectly) saved Shoko.

This is a story of the rescue of three people.

The tenderness gained from warm help is the power to live.

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