I would like to call it the most romantic couple in Japanese anime

Leonora 2022-09-27 02:44:45

A gentle and real social fan in the sand sculpture love fan, pure love master show operation.

A total of 13 episodes start with the bizarre incidents caused by Mai-senpai, Koga-senior, good friends Futaba and sister Xiaofeng's "adolescence syndrome" and the solutions, covering a wide range - people who are not paid attention to gradually fade out of people's vision and become Does not exist in this world; in order to integrate into the collective and get rid of loneliness, I try my best to do things that I am not happy with; the person who is secretly in love with is my friend. Platforms being attacked by keyboard warriors so that they dare not go out to school, these are all things we are experiencing in real life.

The male protagonist Sakuta Azusakawa is a gentle brother, a trustworthy friend and a model of a reliable boyfriend. To be happy, you must first be gentle with yourself. Different people see different worlds, just like looking at the same sea horizon, different people see different distances.

I will give it five points purely from the story and interest. Especially the older brother said, "Because the one who is here now is the current Kaede, so let's write hiragana". A true gentle person must have strong empathy and self-emotional management skills.

Finally, a regret: From the dialogue between Futaba and Azusakawa, it can be roughly guessed that the first love of "Shoko Makinohara" is probably not found. After all, only Azusagawa has seen her. But what about the schoolgirl who looks exactly like her? The two have nothing to do but just look the same? (Futaba once said that there are three people who look exactly like him in this world) I don't feel that I have explained it clearly. And unfortunately, the sticky Xiao Feng, who once replaced her sister for a while, is really a very cute girl.

Azusagawa Sakuta and Sakurajima Mai are the youngest couple I've ever been in love with since watching Japanese comics. A love that trusts and balances each other really saves trouble, at least it won't have angina.

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