For the sake of Mai-senpai, I gave four stars

Icie 2022-10-26 14:06:34

There is a strong sexual tension between the male and female protagonists, and for me, the sexual tension in the relationship is very important. Whether it's a film or television drama or a novel, many works put the characters' psychology aside and build up their emotions on their own time. No matter how affectionate the dialogue is, it always feels weird after watching it. Even he makes people feel that way. Love seems to be no match for reality and is easily overturned. But sexual tension is a cushion for two people and the environment that makes people feel at ease.

Although the words of the male protagonist are cheap and erotic, they are not offensive. The scale is very well grasped, and the emotional intelligence is quite high. Mai-senpai is so sexy and candid, step on me and step on me! But what I don't like very much, is also a common problem of fan dramas, that is - always treat girls as stupid wow! Most of the protagonists of "adolescence syndrome" are girls who are obsessed with people and things, and then the male protagonist enlightens them, and the girls suddenly realize. Help, this is too much for the male protagonist, isn't it? Moreover, the male protagonist is always ambiguous with these girls. Although I know that Mai-senpai will always be the main palace, but this is simply playing the card of pure love and playing the edge ball of the harem, and I want to secretly poke and please men and I want to please. All the audience, this is too greedy (╯‵□′)╯︵┻━┻

And indecision quantum mechanics is a bit silly, and the operations in the laboratory are a lot irregular (whisper bb)...

However, the character building inside is very brilliant. Using the contradictions and conflicts on campus as the cause of "adolescence syndrome" avoids the problems that are only superficial but not real in campus life.

All in all, it's a good show for high school students.

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