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"Adolescent Syndrome": It is a strange phenomenon that cannot be explained by common sense and is related to quantum entanglement. "Atmosphere": Small groups in schools where most people are afraid of being isolated. If the "present" is regarded as the "future", the physical common sense of the present is abandoned, and the return to the present "present" is to return to the "past". Two world lines entangled by quantum, the "reality" that has happened becomes part of the memory, like a dream. Mai: The big stars are forgotten, so the bunny girls are used to attract attention, they are ignored, and there is no observer to be sure of their existence. Sakuta and Futaba found out the reason and forced themselves not to sleep, and finally Sakuta was left alone. Sakuta still slept, had a "backup" diary, retrieved his memory, and turned white in front of the whole school, increasing everyone's "memory brand", and Mai was observed and existed.

| People who are not noticed.

Koga: Quantum entanglement caused by "kicking each other's ass" with Sakuta. I don’t want to leave the small group, I don’t want to be excluded and forced to fit in. The senior whom the little sister likes confesses to her, and she dares not refuse for fear of being rejected by her sisters. Like Sakuta, Sakuta was forced to act as a couple for a month. Because of reluctance, he activated the "Laplace Demon" skill on the day he agreed to announce the breakup. Sakuta repeated the day. Sakuta bluntly said that he would always like Mai, and it would not change how many times the cycle was repeated. Koga was relieved.

| Most people who are forced to do things they don't like in order to please others.

Futaba: Mobile knowledge base, ask Futaba in case of trouble. Contradictory body, inferiority complex, narcissism and separation personality, secretly paying attention to national views, afraid of losing friendship. Sakuta explained to her that they were really friendly, and called Kunimi only to say that he was coming to the station now, and Kunimi arrived panting on his bicycle. Futaba reconciles with herself.

| Self-affirmation and denial, friendship.

Hexiang: The younger sister who was used by her mother to compare with her elder sister Mai since she was a child, was sent to the girl group by her mother because her elder sister made her debut. In everything, the elder sister is pressing in front of her, envying her and exchanging appearances with her. The sister I met after the exchange was also living under various pressures. My sister cherished all the letters she sent, and performed well in performing for her sister, which was recognized by her mother. The sister reconciles with herself.

| People compared to "other people's children", most children under parental expectations and pressure.

Shoko: Encouraged Sakuta when he was the most disappointed, Sakuta's first love. Returning from the future, I want to save Sakuta, but Sakuta is rescued by Mai, Mai's heart is given to Shoko, Sakuta comes back and stops herself. Shoko chose to go back to the beginning when she didn't meet Sakuta, and what happened became a dream-like memory for Mai and Sakuta.

| People who do not want to grow up, escape from reality and have to accept it.

Kaede: Sister Sakuta, she was forced to be a defensive personality because of school bullying and cyber violence. She completely forgot what happened before, and was afraid to communicate with others, so she stayed at home and relied on her brother. After completing all the goals, restore Huafeng's memory.

|The object of cyber violence. Escape is shameful but useful.

Sakuta: Under the enormous pressure, the surface is still indifferent. The younger sister is autistic due to the influence of puberty syndrome. The mother is abnormal. The father takes care of the mother and takes care of the younger sister. I don't need a smartphone, I don't care about other people's opinions, I don't fit into a small group, I only have three good friends. Independent, tough, warm. When she became Mai's last observer, she stayed up late and took medicine to wake herself up.

After Mai Sakuta confirmed their relationship, Mai agreed with Sakuta and Koga to pretend to be lovers, agreed with Futaba to live in Sakuta's house, agreed that Xiao Shoko would often come to Sakuta's house to feed the cat, and agreed to first love Da Shouko to live in Sakuta's house , agreeing that Sakuta and Shoko go out on a date, and it sounds a bit incredible, but they have this tacit understanding and trust. What Sakuta did was to reject Koga neatly and neatly. She was a pure friendship with Futaba, and she went on a date with Da Shoko just to fulfill her wish before she disappeared.

When she learned that Sakuta was the most vulnerable and needed help, Shoko was by her side, and Mai regretted why she was not the one who accompanied her, yes, instead of being angry.

This kind of trust and understanding, I am afraid that only the two of them will appear, I am envious.

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