pig head boy

Grady 2022-09-13 03:09:29

The last of the four major school bullies is different from the other three. The male protagonist has a very good personality. He is not withdrawn or indifferent, but is very gentle. Although sometimes he is not serious, he is really one of the favorite characters among the school bullies. The youth syndrome of the heroine who met in the library and the incident with the school girl Futaba heroine sister Kaede and Makinohara-san who runs through the TV and theatrical version look very interesting.

The heroine Mai is really one of my favorite characters. She is considerate and beautiful. She has absolute trust in her boyfriend. Although she is a celebrity, she doesn't care if she has a boyfriend publicly. Although the male protagonist prefers the female protagonist on the surface, the female protagonist also prefers the male protagonist. Lord's

In the play, the male protagonist often tells the female protagonist that he likes this kind of joke, but he will not open it too much.

The friendship between Futaba and the male protagonist is also very precious. Although Futaba always hurts the male protagonist by saying that the male protagonist is a pig-headed boy, he is always worried that the male protagonist has been helping the male protagonist.

The story of the male protagonist and his sister is also very touching. Although the other personality of the sister is gone, it has always been in Hua Feng's heart. In the end, Hua Feng came back, but her sister is still her sister and will not change.

This anime can really break into the top three in my heart. It is a good drama that was delayed by its name. There are many deep words in the drama that are worth our reflection. Although adults always laugh at us for watching cartoons, who can understand cartoons? the meaning of

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