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Alex 2022-10-07 11:59:42

It is indeed an anime watched by 14- and 5-year-olds. It revolves around the story of the male protagonist and the four female protagonists, and explores the problem of adolescent syndrome. The male protagonist always talks nonsense in a serious manner, but he is actually kind-hearted, just a little bit of fraternity. Mai Sakurajima lives up to the name of "Mai Sakurajima is a person who lives". He is mature, reasonable, serious about his feelings, and still rational. I wonder who doesn't like a senior like this.

Gu He Penghui, a cute little girl, and the male protagonist are "hitting friends". He cares about the opinions of others and has suffered verbal violence, but he can only think of finding common topics with others to gain recognition. In order to change the male protagonist's mind, he once let time repeat itself, but finally realized that feelings cannot be forced.

Liyang Futaba, the position of a scholar, the male protagonist will ask her for advice when he encounters problems, but due to his own development being criticized, he is determined to separate his personalities, but in the end he re-understands himself and becomes one.

Toyohama Kazuka, the younger sister of Mai Sakurajima, works very hard but is always compared with her sister. She suffers a lot of blows in her heart, and there is a gap between her and her sister. But in the end, he reconciled with his sister and exchanged his body with his sister.

Zi Chuanfeng, the male protagonist's younger sister, the biggest knife in the play, she has no memory of Huafeng, but will disappear when Huafeng's memory recovers. The male protagonist felt extremely sad about her sudden departure from the very beginning when he couldn't accept her. Azusa Chuanfeng may be the best answer to "Can personality count as a person?" She really existed, and when she disappears, it is no different from people facing death. I hope that the cute little sister who loves wearing panda clothes and is afraid to go out is all well.

Muzhiyuan Xiangzi, the male protagonist's first love, once helped the male protagonist get out of the predicament, but his identity and existence are doubtful, and there is no separate story, but the male protagonist has a solid backing when he has psychological problems.

The youth harem fan with philosophical thinking is much better than the pure harem fan of "The Bridge to the Stars", at least it can cause a lot of thinking. Although it is impossible for a real pig head boy to have an intersection with so many girls. . .

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