A good work that is misled and underestimated by its name (if the same life is repeated every day, is it a lifetime or a day in a non-stop cycle?)

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a thousand reader with a thousand hamurate

There are always people complaining about the setting, and they are also accepted, it is just the basic setting. For example, if you look at the "Magic Forbidden Book Catalog" or "Scientific Railgun" to complain about the fact that human beings know magic, and watch "Dragon Ball" to complain that human beings can be single Humans destroy the earth, and watching "Conan" complain about solving crimes, they all need to rely on a high school student to be so incompetent, etc. Does it make sense?

See someone in the comments write about the goodness and influence of Suzumiya? I'm really a child, I'm afraid that I have too little knowledge. I haven't read online novels. In terms of soft sci-fi, I don't know how much more exciting it is than Suzumiya. The supernatural soft sci-fi of pure fantasy is also matched and used quantum. Ratio of hard science fiction (like three-body) rationally designed by mechanics theory? not at one level.

If you don't understand, you can study quantum mechanics first, such as watching "Cao Tianyuan"'s God throwing dice - the history of quantum physics , there are "Schrödinger's cat", "multiple histories", "multiple futures" and other parallel space quantum quantum The theoretical basis is introduced, it is not soft science fiction or hard science fiction but real science, involving "atomic physics", "quantum mechanics", "string theory" and so on.

This work is really good. Some people say that it is better to change the setting to supernatural (soft sci-fi). Some people say that it is too youthful fantasy. Please, these are elementary school students. Anyone who has read and learned basic quantum mechanics understands that quantum mechanics really has interpretations and inferences in this regard. "Multiple histories", "multiple futures", and "parallel spaces" are all sciences that quantum mechanics is really studying, not soft science fiction. Or hard sci-fi.

As a person who has studied atomic physics and quantum mechanics at university, I would like to say that "Schrödinger's cat", "Laplace's demon", "quantum entanglement" and "quantum teleportation" are all real in quantum mechanics. The theory of existence and research is really interesting. This work makes it sci-fi (hard sci-fi) quite good, and there is no need for supernatural (soft sci-fi).

For example , the three-body 1: the sophon project in the past of the earth, the three-body 2: the theory of cosmic warfare in the dark forest, the law of the dark forest, etc., and the three-body 3: the cosmic dimension reduction of the eternal life of the god of death, etc. These settings are all hard science fiction. .

What is science fiction, needless to say? Science fiction, science fiction.

Just like the Three-Body Problem turns science into hard sci-fi, here is also turning science into hard sci-fi, just on the basis of science, it doesn’t need those completely supernatural (soft sci-fi) things, only elementary school students can’t understand it. Change the setting to supernatural (soft sci-fi)? After all, the basic understanding only begins in junior high school.

After all, I don’t understand quantum mechanics. All kinds of science and technology, theories and applications of this era are inseparable from quantum mechanics, but the foundation of quantum mechanics has not yet penetrated into the hearts of most ordinary people, and there is no way to do it. . .

When Feng disappeared and Hua Feng woke up, for some reason, I felt a little pain and a burst of sadness in my heart. People are good at forgetting, and the memory will never match the splendor of time, probably because I can never see such a lovely Feng again. , it's a little uncomfortable to think that Maple's existence will be erased with the passage of time!

Does God Play Dice - A History of Quantum Physics The introduction and preface are as follows:

brief introduction:

This book is a story about quantum theory. Quantum theory is an extremely wonderful theory: from a physical point of view, it has caused the most intense controversy and attention among scientists; from a practical point of view, it has brought unparalleled changes and progress to our society; From a historical point of view, there is hardly a history that has been more thoroughly studied than the creation of quantum theory. However, it is inconceivable that its basic ideas and hypotheses have not penetrated into the consciousness of the public so far, which undoubtedly adds a mysterious aura to it.

This book will take you on a quantum journey. Starting from the age of mythology, along the road of quantum development, we have personally experienced the dark clouds and torrential rains in the history of science, chased the glow of meteors, traveled through fog and rapids, and fought side by side with the greatest physicists. In addition to reviewing the basic historical background, we will also explore the future, explore the different paths in front of quantum theory one by one, break into the unknown and inaccessible, and expand the territory together with the forerunners. What amazes you is not only the dazzling and gorgeous scenery along the way, but also the thinking and enlightenment from your innermost heart - that is the irresistible charm of science deeply rooted in everyone's heart.

This book narrates the collision of classical physics and quantum mechanics in a humorous but scientifically rigorous tone, as well as the difficult development of quantum mechanics from scratch to control the entire microscopic world, and reviews some of the classic experiments we have learned.


If one were to choose the greatest eras in the history of physics, two periods would surely be selected: the late 17th century and the early 20th century.

The former was marked by the publication of Newton's "Mathematical Principles of Natural Philosophy" , which announced the formal establishment of modern classical physics; while the latter brought us the theory of relativity and quantum theory, and completely overthrew and reconstructed the entire physical system.

The difference is that when we talk about Newton's era again today, we are more nostalgic and memorializing those glorious days; while relativity and quantum theory still deeply affect and trouble us, just like Two green olives, the longer they chew, the more delicious they are. What I want to tell you here is the story of quantum theory.

This story is more like a legend: it starts with an inconspicuous clue, leads to a secluded path, and gradually falls into a riot of colors, and the flowers are fascinated by the eyes. When there is no clue, suddenly the twists and turns, the sky and the earth are open, like a river flowing out, and the ocean is pouring out. .

However, before we can get a glimpse of the beautiful scenery, there are ups and downs in the blink of an eye, and we stray into the depths of the white clouds and do not know the way back... The history of quantum mechanics is the most exciting chapter in physics. We will see the physical building collapsed under the storm, but He was baptized and reborn again in the raging flames. We will see the most revolutionary ideas sweep across the land, bringing terrifying thunder and lightning, and at the same time revealing awe-inspiring beauty.

We will see how science has trudged through thorns and swamps, but strengthened its belief in victory.

Quantum theory is an extremely complex and difficult puzzle. She is like a mysterious girl. We meet her every day, but we can't guess her inner world.

Today, our modern civilization, from computers to lasers, from nuclear energy to biotechnology, has few fields that do not rely on quantum theory.

But what exactly does quantum theory mean?

This question is still difficult to answer.

In terms of natural philosophy, quantum theory has brought us unprecedented shocks and shocks, and even changed the basic ideas of the entire physical world.

Its conception is so revolutionary that even the least conservative scientist harbors a deep subconscious fear of it.

The prosperity of modern civilization is the victory of reason, and quantum theory is undoubtedly one of the highest achievements of reason, but the power it is endowed with is too powerful, so that even its creator is difficult to control, so that one of the founders of quantum theory Bohr (Niels Bohr) would say: "If anyone is not confused by quantum theory, he has not understood quantum theory." Counting, the concept of quantum has been born for more than 100 years, but it is inconceivable that, Some of its basic ideas are still not well known to the general public.

So, let's go back to that great era again and look back at that epic and magnificent revolution.

We will embark on this expedition along the same path that quantum theory took, and we will walk with the greatest physical geniuses of the 20th century to experience first-hand the confusion, excitement, fear, ecstasy and shock they experienced. This will be destined to be an amazing journey through deep forests and vast deserts, over misty canyons and stormy waves.

You may feel dizzy, but please follow my footsteps and don't fall behind while sightseeing, or you may fall into a swamp and be unable to extricate yourself.

Remember my warning. But now, there is no time to think so much.

Please take a seat, fasten your seat belts, and our journey begins.

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