sad story

Kiana 2022-07-15 13:57:36

When Charlotte killed her best friend Dora for profit, she had cut herself off from the past, and there was nothing to connect her to the past. After this moment, she doesn't need to worry about doing anything vicious, or even repent. That's why she didn't even confess to Amy in the end - nobody after Dora matters, letters don't matter, photos don't matter, innocent dead don't matter, only interests matter. I believe she really loves Dora, but her interests do not allow Dora to continue living, so she gave her a beautiful death, and let her die happily and comfortably.

When Miss Marple guessed the truth but didn't save Amy, I thought, this was the most guilt moment for Miss Marple, that's why she was crying while holding Amy's body in the heavy rain, without the calmness she used to have Ziruo, without the elegance and wisdom of the past, is only a guilty woman who releases all her feelings, and leaves her with any EQ and IQ. At that moment, I cried along with Miss Marple, why did I know the murderer allowed the murder to happen and another innocent person to die?

I sometimes wonder how sad and angry Litty would be if she saw in heaven that her beloved sister could commit such a vile act of killing her best friend for profit.

When watching the movie, I always hoped that the screenwriter would kindly let Amy live, but as a witness, she was not allowed to live. The screenwriter just made Xin Qi and Amy become Lara, and asked Amy to have a love before he died, but such kindness will only make Amy and Xin Qi more pitiful and sad.
They are innocent people, but they have to bear all the pain caused by greed.
Sad story.

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