Sad record

Carolyne 2022-10-24 16:47:36

In Memphis, Tennessee, the "poor county" in the United States, there is a well-known high school called Manassas High School. It is well-known that more graduates go to prison than college! Bill Courtney offered to coach the high school football team "Manassas Tigers", facing a team that hadn't won a game in 14 years, facing a group of troubled high school boys (100% African descent) In real life, Bill Courtney is a lumber mill operator, but he has a great passion for football and these high schools. How did he turn things around and win respect? The story of the "Manassas Tigers" season in 2009 has inspired many people's stories. Bill Courtney's words of encouragement sound simple and real, and the situation of the children in the film is also sighing!

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  • Bill Courtney: The character of a man is not measured in how he handles his wins, but what he does with his failures