Run! Baby Run!

Alford 2022-10-24 15:00:41

I have been waiting for this film since it was announced that it won the Oscar for Best Documentary. Although the trailer is made like a commercial, after watching the whole film, I still have a lot of waves in my heart. It's been worth the wait this year.

The incident took place at Manassas High School in North Memphis, Tennessee. Bill is a fat uncle, has a lumber factory, and has four children in the family. He is a little richer than the middle class. He can do some things outside the daily life in terms of economy, time and ability. Then he took over the Manassas High School football team and led the team. to the playoffs. This is the beginning of the story. The story itself is not complicated. The form of the documentary restores the truth to the greatest extent. We can observe it without intervening or affecting the event.

Rudy, also a rugby-themed film, is a person's unremitting efforts to pursue a dream; this film is more about making you who you are, and who might be a better you. The theme is not inspirational, but complete.

I have long been accustomed to using the environment as an excuse to answer questions from others and myself, ignoring too many things that could have been worked on, and giving up a lot of possibilities. Bill is not like this. He actually doesn't need to spend time and energy on this project. He can enjoy his rich life leisurely, but he doesn't. Before taking over, he may just want to do something for himself and others, a TED speech Mentioned the source of happiness, one of which is to help others when you have the ability, to find some happiness for yourself, and to achieve something for others that can but has not been achieved.
In fact, the process was not so well thought out. Fifteen or sixteen-year-old children had a lot of "things", and it was not new to look at each other and want to fight. Those who didn't go to school and mixed society would also go ice skating. The children may not be able to go to college because of family problems. Bill found that it was not just a game problem. He asked for trouble and took a lot of responsibility. He said to this group of children at the beginning of the season, you have a person to be proud of season, and I'll do my best to make it happen
Volunteer assistant coaches asked three questions when they met with the players:
If any of your parents went to college, please raise your hand. A few people raised their hands sporadically;
if their parents had studied in college, they raised their hands, but almost no one raised their hands;
among relatives who had been in prison, almost all raised their hands.
He finally said that one does not care where one begins, but where one ends.

The reality is brutal. The team doesn't seem to have won a game in nearly 10 or 15 years, and the first game of the season was horribly lost. The players have nothing but self-esteem. Bill said to them, if someone goes downhill because they lose a game, it's not us (to the point, because it's all listening and reasoning without subtitles) No! Not US! Let's finish it this year. All in
all, it was a wonderful lecture (I really wish I or my kid who didn't know where he was) could have a coach like this, followed by training, games, wins, some problem players because of Victory after victory was no longer a problem, and their eyes were just as clear, this time focusing on something other than drugs. More and more parents of students are joining the ranks of the team, and more and more parents, as well as the children themselves, think that this group of young people is really good, let's play a few more games! Maybe I can really win a championship!
The team is no longer a collection of individuals, but an organic whole that performs its own duties, and the radiation is a topic of discussion for the entire community. During the suspension of the game, Bill has been emphasizing "remember your character (character), remember your principle (principal), and consider for the team (the effect)." During the game, we must consider the overall interests of the team as a player according to the training intention. When there is a problem, we should not just blame the person who has the problem. We must cooperate and write, and finally achieve the victory of the game. How exciting it is for a group of people to work hard for the same goal and achieve it. The competitive sports developed from the basic attributes of people is the best example of this exciting event. Bill said, "Do you think football builds your character? It doesn't. Football checks your personality. (U think football builds character, which does not, football reviews character.)" Sports doesn't build you, it finds you.
Bill and the volunteers who have been working hard are doing something, trying to change something, hoping it will be better. Of course, some people do it because of circumstances, just as some people don't because of circumstances. Which of the two environments do you prefer to live in? There are many possibilities in life.
Finally, I hope to meet someone who can light up my eyes, and also hope to be someone who can light up other people's eyes. Run! Baby run!

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