There are key plot spoilers, please avoid it if you haven't seen it

Kaylie 2022-07-15 12:36:17

I like this old lady's actor, it fits Miss Marple's temperament very well, she is a lovely old lady. But after seeing the adaptation, you will feel that there are many places that violate the principles of the original. Granny is a very moral and kind person. Although she had an unfortunate first marriage, her works always lead to the marriage of young men and women who are not murderers. Her murderers rarely kill for emotional reasons. The eternal reasons are greed: money and sex. This is where the adaptation goes awry, in The House Mystery: If a husband is killed, the wife is the first to be suspected, and vice versa. The murderer planned the murder by taking advantage of this. And it has nothing to do with true feelings. If the two want to be together, they can run away or divorce, but they choose to kill the old man just for the old man's large sum of money. The original is that the old man dies, the wife can inherit a large amount of property, and the relationship between the two is money except sex. It's hilarious what a noble love this show has to show. It feels that the screenwriter abandoned the three views in Grandma's book in order to cater to the principle of the supremacy of modern love.
In addition, Miss Marple was a very decent old lady who had to settle for an extramarital affair.

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