What was the motive for the murder?

Alysa 2022-09-29 20:20:55

Because I was sloppy when I watched it, and occasionally fast-forwarded, I didn't understand the motive very well, and I was confused, so I gave it three stars.

I am writing this here to explain it to me clearly. I will write about the plot:

Dead 1: The corpse of the girl in the library, Girl Scout
Dead 2: The dancing girl, Ruby is

the first dancer cousin of Dead 2, "Josie" sprained her foot , I didn't want to lose my job and brought the dead 2 to dance. Before, "Josie" and the rich old man's "daughter-in-law" were girl's love, but the dead 2 please the old man. The old man wanted to take her as his adopted daughter and give her an inheritance of 50,000 pounds. The old man's pair of sons and daughters will not be able to share the inheritance, and the "daughter-in-law" will naturally not be divided. "Josie" and "daughter-in-law" will not be happy for GL. So kill.

Killed the deceased 1, pretended to be the deceased 2, and blamed others, just to avoid alibi.
Killed the dead 2, burned the car and burned the body, disguised as the dead 1, and made irrelevant cases.

And Miss Marple found that the two cases were related, one case to be exact. The flaws found,

one fingernail, the fingernail in the trash can was bitten off, which is different from the dead man 2. The
second "Josie" was indifferent to the dead man 2's death, but was very angry. When he mentioned it, he was angry, very obvious, so he suspected that there was a benefit conflict.

So Miss Marple got in and asked the old man to announce that he was going to make a new will and not give it to his children, so the murderer tried to kill the old man before he made a will, so the police caught the murderer at the scene of the attempted murder.

It seems like this, I can't think of anything else for a while.

One of the puzzles: the bitten nails, which are clearly cut off with scissors in the film, is it "twisted", of course, the "twisted" nail section (of the dead 2) and the naturally ground short nail section (of the dead 1) It's different, but it was the police who found the nails. Miss Marple didn't see the broken nails. Can't she guess that the long nails of the deceased 2 were cut off and then polished?

Or is my angle wrong from the beginning, not something that can't be polished?

Confusion 2: The old man said that his children had property, which was distributed to them before, and they were doing well, so it is strange why this "daughter-in-law" still needs this inheritance, and it will only be divided into half, is it because of the two? 50,000 pounds to kill? Maybe I don't understand the psychology of murderers.

Confusion No. 3: It's really "don't bite too much lice, don't worry about too much debt, don't be afraid of too many sins, one is also killing two and three are also killing", you can find an irrelevant girl far away to kill , Is there only one kind of escape alibi? Maybe I still don't understand the psychology of murderers. Maybe it's because the author made it a little weird, it's too hanging~~ I

can't think of anything else for a while~~ The writing is a bit messy, let's make it. tired.

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