Different British taste

Kole 2022-11-07 04:11:36

Why did I choose to recommend it? In this case of Miss Marple, at least I have figured out the murder method and all the details. Although the style is not what I like, it feels a little gloomy, my favorite is still like the mystery of the apartment - the garden murder in the beautiful scenery and full of sunshine, in this kind of story, it can satisfy my love for the rural life in England. I yearn for it... However, the addition of LUCY in this murder case still aroused my curiosity and interest. After all, everyone likes beautiful things. The actor who played LUCY can really be called a beauty. I'm not very admire if I'm too gorgeous in my eyes, but she's naturally not contrived.

To be honest, I really didn’t think that the doctor would be the murderer in the end. I always reluctantly thought that handsome men are usually romantic, maybe he killed his lover or something. The handsome man I am talking about is the one with a child. BRIYN, that's how it seems to be spelled. But I still like the Miss Marple series very much~ After all, it is a BBC TV series, and it has a suspicious case. It would be nice if we made a few more episodes~ HOHO

recommends this case, and I will read the original book when I have time~~

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