A classic, traditional. Videos worth watching

Bethany 2022-11-10 05:55:58

The first 30 minutes were so detailed that it made me feel a little bored. However, the beautiful villages and houses in England, as well as the well-dressed girls and young women, are pleasing to the eye. It was not until the final mystery was revealed that I found that the first 30 minutes were not an exaggeration.
Perhaps it is unfamiliar with the British national conditions. I don't understand why the painter in the middle confessed the crime and found out that the bullet was fired from his pistol, why it was "released half an hour ago"? Is it only because of their love performance that moved the police?
This is a very typical detective drama, a colonel that everyone hates, and I knew from the beginning that he would definitely die. . . The question is who died in the
last show that England still had hangings at that time. . The eyes of the female criminal when she finally faced the hanging was really suffocating.

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