Ten years of life and death

Cory 2022-10-26 01:51:26

The depression from the opening melody extends to the end of the whole film. The Brideshead Manor, which has experienced the vicissitudes of life, the familiar scenery is ruined little by little. Seeing Charles returning from prosperity to loneliness, a figure can not help but emerge, Sebastian, is he okay?
Or should I ask, if he was still alive, how would this naive young master feel when he saw such changes in his once infinitely rebellious life.
There is something soft about Charles' character, so that when faced with a choice, he is usually unsure. Sebastian is on the contrary. The melancholy boy holding the teddy bear is extremely tough in his bones. He is completely a child who has not grown up. He will not look back when he recognizes it. Even in the eyes of others, he is bent on falling and doesn't care about anything. .
It's still an assumption that if Charles took Sebastian away desperately, would their later lives be different? Still can't fight for fate, it's doomed from the beginning.
On the cruise ship in the storm, Charles and Julia meet again. It should be a happy story, but it ends up in a conflict of beliefs. Of course, it may have nothing to do with beliefs. When Cordelia, who had returned from afar, mentioned Sebastian by chance, Charles' eyes recounted a fact. From beginning to end, he did not forget that Julia was indeed very similar to Sebastian, but unfortunately, she was not. After so many years, he thought that life had been tortuous. Something could change, however, as always.
When Sebastian was seriously ill and confused, he thought he was back in Oxford, and those times became a dream that he could not get rid of all his life. He even lived in that dream all his life, relying on the anesthesia of alcohol. Charles is always awake, he is cautious and polite, he carefully hides his rebellious soul, and seeks survival according to the current situation. Every step is not wrong, but the beautiful dream is as entangled as a nightmare. No matter what happens later, there is a longing in his heart. Miscellaneous with regret.
A person, finally, he is going to be lonely and old, and what he longed to save and what he once obtained, was forced by war, and the years were like water. Whether it is love, scenery, people, or heart, we were young at that time, you liked chatting and I liked laughing, so let the wanton boating on the lake in the summer vacation drifted into the past like the fragrance of wine without brandy. Again.

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