About contra mundum - the misplacement of the film version and the affection of the drama version

Ronny 2022-11-09 18:15:59

In fact, there is one detail in the movie version that I can't bear no matter what - the important line "Sebastian contra mundum" that appears repeatedly in the original book and even appears twice in the title is misplaced in the movie The location, has even been greatly desecrated.

In David Cliffe's annotations to BR's original work, the Latin phrase is interpreted as follows, "With Sebastian, against the world' (Latin); an expression of profound loyalty", and this "profound loyalty" has many previous After the twists and turns, I couldn't hold back the tears.

In the only Chinese translation of BR, this sentence is translated as "Sebastian who is not secular". Another translation I have seen is "Sebastian challenges the world", but no matter which one, They all missed the "with", and even faded the painful "profound loyalty". And this sentence is actually a promise of absolute loyalty to Seb since Charles was caught between Sebastian and his family, after being drawn by Lady Marchmain several times, after deliberation - "with you, against the world".

Among the many hidden, obscure and silent love words that Charles told Seb, this sentence was undoubtedly the most powerful and powerful, and whether in the original book or in the TV series, Charles never broke this promise, Even in my opinion, his later stay with Julia is a twisted hold on that promise. In the TV drama, after Charles said this promise, he scornfully threw the booklet that Lady Marchmain gave him to him on the table, while Seb on the side showed a kind of "as expected of the person I liked" and almost complacent. Proud look, and then he asks for a drink, and Charles doesn't stop him. But the movie put this important statement on the way back from Charles and Seb's first visit to Baizhuang, and even asked Seb to say it himself, followed by "you have me", and Charles followed by Repeating "contra mundum" in a playful tone, plus his subsequent disappointment with Seb, turned this loyal love story into a cool joke. If it wasn't to make a love triangle to cater to the public's taste, it can only be said that the film's producers have completely misread the deep-rooted love and helplessness of the original work.

ps: I like Xiaoben very much, but liking it does not mean brainless blowing. Maybe in this version of the movie that has been changed beyond recognition, it is appropriate for Xiaoben to play a failed young master, but it is not a prosperous A poor young master, but a young master who has been down for a long time, can't be proud, and is only sensitive and fragile - like that Aloysius who is one size smaller, only a handful of strawberries and a mere bunch of narcissus for apology.

Can't help but think that if AA's Seb was in the movie, he'd probably have his half-awake eyes looking for flowers and butterflies without caring about paintings and churches, back in their first lunch meeting - at that time Charles was arguing at the other end of the long table that paintings were more affectionate than photographs - Seb had long since lumped him into the same category as the church and the like, and let it go without giving him a chance to live up to himself.

In short to me, Ben "played" Seb, and AA "was" Seb.

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