May you never wake up from intoxication, may the place you are always be the Garden of Eden

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After the storm in the hometown is a very sad story. Although the actors' interpretations and the development of the plot sometimes make you forget the sadness, and immersed in the summer spent together by Charles and Sebastian, it is as beautiful as the Garden of Eden. .

The story line of the show is very simple, Charles and Sebastian get to know each other, respectively. Charles and Julia fall in love and break up. Sebastian's ending. Well, at the end of the day, that's about it.

However, when it comes to details or feelings, it's not enough.

The hazy love of Charles and Sebastian. Sebastian's stepmother (in the non-legal sense) made it very clear about this: You Brits are so intemperate that you arouse your feelings of love very late, when you happen to be surrounded by people of the same sex. More importantly, you fell in love without knowing it.

This place is handled very implicitly in the TV series. For example, when the two did not know each other, Charles would stare at Sebastian every time he met. Sebastian accidentally broke into Charles's room and vomited on the floor. Charles' expression was really funny. And Sebastian sent a roomful of flowers the next day to apologize to Charles and invited him to dinner, Charles jumped up with joy. Many years later, Charles became a gloomy painter, with a stern face all day long, and only smiled happily twice, once when he met his sister Julia, who was almost out of the same mold as Sebastian, and once by chance. Sebastian's mutual friend Anthony.

In the movie, it is very straightforward. Sebastian clearly understands that he is gay, and he also understands his feelings for Charles very clearly. Then Charles is a straight man and fell in love with Julia. one place.

Well, let's continue to say that TV shows are better.

How does Charles feel about Sebastian? I think Sebastian was Charles' first real friend. Even in the follow-up, Charles only wants to live around Sebastian's circle. Don't say that Charles took the opportunity to come to the throne. At that time, Charles was already a famous painter and had no limelight, and Julia was burdened with a heavy burden of reputation. But the problem is that Charles is very insensitive to feelings, let alone clear. Tried to love, to no avail. Disappointed to leave, do not do what he thought. Leaving is what Charles does best. Charles is about a good painter, and painting helps him express everything. But it is undeniable that, for Charles, Sebastian is almost synonymous with all good things and memories of all youth.

How does Sebastian feel about Charles? Obviously a very important person, one day Sebastian excitedly took Charles to see Nanny (his babysitter who died at his house) He said I don't want to take you to see my family, I'm afraid you will see them Will be snatched by them, but I have to take you to Nanny. I had to he said it twice. It looks like the kindergarten children who just made friends are excited to go home and report to their parents. But is Charles everything to Sebastian? I don't think so. Charles was about the first person Sebastian could safely befriend without disguise. Do not ask for anything in return, do not interfere, and respond to requests. This is the preciousness of Charles. Oxford University and Charles are Sebastian's paradise. Until the Marquise of Marchman stepped in.

Sebastian's mother, the Marquise of Marchman, asked Charles to exhort Sebastian and regulate his behavior. This made the relationship sour. The Marquise of Marchman was a devout, aristocrat. Very charming. As Sebastian points out, the family is charming (except, of course, his brother, 233, I think) Charles and the Marquise of Marchman have a correspondence, despite Charles' conviction that he is still standing by Sebastian Tian's position, but in Sebastian's view, this is tantamount to betrayal.

But that's not the point, Sebastian started drinking long before Charles and the Marchioness met. His pain seemed unprovoked and profound. On the seaside in Venice, he paced back and forth barefoot, holding a wine bottle. It was raining, and he didn't know it.

Why is it so painful.

The Sebastian family are all working very hard to be happy. Sai's father was far away from the country, and lived in Venice with his mistress, talking and laughing all day, without getting tired. Sai's mother refused to mention her husband outside, talking all day about the salvation of religion. Sai's older brother lived his life in a decent manner, collecting matchboxes (? I don't know if this hobby is a misunderstanding), and criticizing his family like an outsider. Sai's younger sister, Julia, is busy socializing and falling in love all day. Little sister Lydia happily contradicts Mammy at the Catholic school and buys the naming rights of African children, praying for everyone. Everyone looked happy. Sai looked very happy, too, having a dinner party at the school, eating quail eggs, and walking around the school in a carriage with his teddy bear Aloysius.

The first time Se was unhappy was when he brought Charles to see Nanny, and he talked about his family. The second time was when his brother handed him a stack of documents to process. When it comes to family, he says, they are so charming they stole everything from me. Regarding the documents, he said, some documents need to be signed by my father, and my mother and brother do not want to handle them, so I can only handle them.

took everything from me. Sebastian takes Charles to meet Nanny. Nanny asked Sebastian how his studies were, and then he started gushing about how Sebastian's brother was sensible and capable, and how Julia was so successful in communication.

I can only handle it. It goes without saying that Sai's mother is a self-proclaimed moral model, and so is Sai's brother. Later, because Julia was going to divorce, he brazenly stated that his wife was a lady and could not befriend Julia. Lydia is still a child, Julia Pepsi doesn't care. Yes, the father, who was away from home and had to pay for the family's expenses, had to be contacted by Sebastian.

Inexplicably distressed.

Sebastian's heart is probably towards his father. But in conflict with it, his father was guilty of the original sin in his education and cognition. He is like a father and loves his father. In this family, he is also a kind of original sin.

But he can't give up on himself completely, he can't be Lydia's innocence, Julia's innocence, his brother's sophistication, he clearly understands his own heart, and he can't be a good child to his mother. To make matters worse, he hated being disciplined as a good boy, and the tighter the confinement, the more indulgence he indulged. There is nowhere to escape Sebastian's pain. He's not even Charles. Although eccentrically indifferent, Charles' father was unexpectedly open-minded and fully supported his son's decision to let him go out on his own and eventually become self-reliant.

Canary finally returned to Yuzhang Academy, where she was pitied, despised and hated. When she came out again, she had no vitality. The friendship between Sebastian and Charles eventually ended. Sebastian indulges in alcohol, Charles indulges in the wild.

If I could, I'd really like to just write about Sebastian all the time. Sadly, the story has been handed over to Julia.

Accidental meeting, love with Julia.

Julia's description of her appearance goes like this: "Her voice and manner of speaking are the same as Sebastian's. . . . Sitting beside her in the twilight of the night, bewildered by her double hallucination of being both friendly and unfamiliar."

Julia was another Sebastian. When they meet again, she has become a sad young woman. Charles is also a married man. The turbulent ferry, two children like truancy, had a great time avoiding the crowd. Charles didn't get to be with Sebastian, maybe he could be with Julia. He couldn't save Sebastian, maybe he could save Julia. But that's not how the script was written. Julia, who suffered setbacks, finally went to God's arms. She believed that she was bad, so she needed God's redemption even more. How similar!

I think I probably don't like Julia very much, and I'm having a hard time even finding what she has in common with Sebastian. Maybe their tone and demeanor are very similar, but they are indeed two different souls. Sebastian belongs to the Garden of Eden, he doesn't want to open his eyes to see the ugly, and he can't stand the hypocrisy at all. Julia belongs to the world. She tries her best to achieve worldly happiness, but her identity and her family hold her tightly. It is difficult for her to find a good husband. possible.

The person who took it easily: the Marquise of Marchman. It's her fault, it's not her fault. It's that simple. Her influence, probably only those who oppose her can feel this powerful and ubiquitous. It is probably very hard to ask everyone to be devout like saints.

Finally, a person worth writing about: Anthony!

Anthony is the last touch of color in this gloomy film. The exaggerated Anthony saw through all the troubles and pains, but still played in it. The last "true" friend.

This film review originated from many recent news about parenting education. The original title was "If one day, may you reach a reconciliation with all this". At the end of writing, when I feel sad, it becomes, may you be intoxicated and never wake up again, may the place you are always be the Garden of Eden. Seriously, is it possible to get Sebastian and his family to reconcile? The family had no intention of accepting him in the first place. Is it possible to get Sebastian to come to terms with that world? Maybe, maybe be an ascetic. But his later situation was similar to that of an ascetic. However, it is very difficult to reconcile uprightly. Even Anthony, wearing an exaggerated coat, was able to survive. Reconcile Sebastian with yourself? He has reconciled, and I think he has reconciled with himself. However, there is always a glimmer of hope. He wants to reconcile with the world, but he is doomed to fail. So, may you never wake up from intoxication, and may the place you are always be the Garden of Eden.

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