Tragedy about Sebastian

Robbie 2022-10-03 19:07:18

I'm suffocating for this family after watching episode 5. One of the reasons for the tragedy is the indifference of the family, no one wants to really approach Sebastian to get to know him. The family's way of getting along is religion all day long, the conversation is always God, and without a person who truly loves him, how can Sebastian be happy.

Sebastian's fall is mainly due to three disasters: the first time the mother tried to control Sebastian through Sangras, the second time tried to spy on him through Charles, and the third time tried to control him through Father Bell. success. But it's clear that Sebastian has lost his freedom in his mother's tenacious desire to control. His mother tried his best to make Sebastian a Catholic, while Sebastian, as a pagan, just wanted to live his own life and freedom. So drunk and fallen again and again. There are two people I hate and hate the most in the show, one is the mother who controls everything in the family, and the other is the hypocritical Sangrass. As soon as Sangras appeared on the scene, he introduced him as a man who he would submit to whoever admired him, always watching over Sebastian by his mother's orders. It's annoying that he always pesters Charles and Sebastian, sticking to them with thick skin, stupid follower, and Sebastian scolds him when he's drunk. But in the end, it still ended in failure and fell out of favor with his mother.

It's ridiculous after watching episode 6 to say that Julia couldn't get married because of a stupid religion. Stupid Catholic Stupid family. Whether it's Sebastian or Julia or other tragedies in this family, everything that happens in this family is probably doomed because this family is Catholic. A group of stubborn and stupid Catholics are governed by stupid dogma, and the fate of the family is doomed to tragedy. I can only express my sighs of helplessness. All the roots of its tragedy come from religion. Damn religion, hateful religion. How good would this family be without those? Understandably both Charles and Sebastian hated the family.

So sad after watching episode 7. It's so sad to see Sai in such a downhearted situation. I feel sorry for the young master who used to be in high spirits. If it was said that family and religion made him degenerate before, but later it was really his own self-indulgent depravity, which was his own choice. I don't understand why he does this, it's so heartbreaking. From the beginning to the end, Charles did not do nothing, he has been trying to help Sai, maybe he is not tough enough, but many are helpless and limited by many aspects. This ending is so sad. Regarding the love between Sai and Charles, Charles must love Sai, and Charles must be the only best friend who exists for Sai, so Sai must also love Charles. They are special to each other.

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