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Carmel 2022-10-04 03:56:52

I've seen the movie version before, but I didn't feel anything except ugly. The only impression so far is that it looks ugly. Recently, it was rumored that Lucagua was going to make a new version of the drama, and there were some new candidates, so I finally came to watch this legendary version. As a result, after watching the first episode, an unshakable thing emerged: the new version cannot! No one can act! Acting is humiliating! firm idea. No matter the appearance or temperament of the two male protagonists in the 81 edition, no one can be compared to them. Especially charles. This edition is unsurpassed classic and perfect. And the time span of the episodes is so large, the actors still show the tenderness of youth and the sharpness of middle age, not to mention the aristocratic elite temperament that seems to be born with money and knowledge. Looking around the world, no one can act.

The whole episode is about the cool experience of Charles, a rich man, after he met a group of rich people plus, he lost his friendship, gained love, and lost love again in a complex environment. Somehow, whenever the Chinese internet introduces the content of this episode, it always says: charles falls in love with sebsatian's sister julia at first sight, and develops a friendship with sebastian, a complicated love triangle. like, seriously?

When I don't know, I read it every day, and when I look for it, it's not everywhere. The old photo of Anthony Andrews and Jeremy Irons sitting on a boat in Venice holding a teddy bear is so famous that even if you don't know what it is, as long as you have access to the Internet, you must have seen this photo posted by gay-related media . More than N times.

This grand and excellent show only made me understand two things: 1. Rich people, no matter what, if they are rich at birth, they will be rich even when they die. A dead skinny camel is bigger than a horse. Camels don't die either. Second, money really can't buy happiness. Happiness and money are yin and yang apart. 3. How can there be such a lucky person as Charles. I don't think he had any misfortune at all. Even the ending is perfect. And this kind of rich people's literature, if it is well written, it is a masterpiece; if it is not well written, it is Versailles that suddenly became popular these days.

Maybe because knowledge, etiquette, these things are a kind of bondage to people themselves, so that Anthony likes him so much. He was pretty funny too. So stammering, so poisonous, and being able to express the poisonous tongue so culturally, politely and with a threshold, it's absolutely amazing. And he's very gay. He is a decent man. cute. [facepalm]

Sebastian is so fragile and proud. The pampered young master will have these problems, and if he is too proud, he will easily fall. But he didn't want to either. He was emotionally sensitive and said some hurtful things to Charles and came to him to apologize. His mother said that he would talk about it later. His sentence "no to you!" was full of power. The words are concise and concise, but people can understand it at a glance. Another poor man who rebelled against the container. Compared with the relationship between man and God that the original work wanted to explore, the foreshadowing or performance of this part in the play is not so obvious, so that the crazy output in the last episode seems unreasonable and abrupt.

The scene where he ends up in the show is still proud and, I think, decent. Although the person is sick, haggard and downcast, but the semi-vacuum is wearing a thin white suit, kneeling on the ground to take a cigarette for his lover, looking so erotic [facepalm] The last impression he left on the audience is still very good. . Not to mention his luxurious, gorgeous, playful and cute early days.

As for charles. When julia asked, do you love sebastian? he said yes. I don't understand what love and yes mean here. Don't even understand why they are having this conversation. Maybe love of friendship? It wasn't until I saw that charles and julia were in love with each other that I didn't think, isn't it, the love of love that I missed a step too late? It can be said that charles is willing to do anything for sebastian, but the only thing that can't give him the love he wants. Had he not lost sebastian, the experience with julia would never have been opened. Once missed, it cannot be recovered. Or the same sentence: the highest friendship is always infinitely close to the missed love.

papa is right, charles has a soft spot for his children. Love and miss, ask but not.

The people of Brideshead are like a dream to Charles, a few souls. Can't say it's pointless, just harmless.

It seems that the titles of books and movies of the last century were all translated very well, not overbearing, and they were particular about the words used. After the storm in the hometown, it is all silent.

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