is this river?

Kayla 2022-07-16 14:39:35

How to say... In fact, the points of everyone's complaints are almost the same

Tom's character design is flat to a level, and when I watch it, I repeatedly ask myself is this really a "Silicon Valley prodigy"? Irritability, violent tendencies, nympho, scumbag, always speak ill of people around him, and no one has reached a level of arrogance. Even if the murder is done, there is really so much evidence left behind. What's next to a Silicon Valley prodigy? Even if he showed a little of his talent, it would be nothing. I even doubt how he managed to become such a big company. With this attitude and talent, it is difficult for employees to follow him... He didn't leave until the end, it should have left long ago. Erich is a pure villain. In the last part of the hero and heroine, I thought that Erich's character could be set up for the last time, but I thought too much.

I feel that the case is completely saved by lawyers, and a lot of space is devoted to court trials. However, the court trial is indeed the best-looking segment, and the male and female protagonists are not very interesting.

In the end, the reversal of this ending is so can't even be called a reversal. When I saw E09, I even wondered if Erich was not caught in the end, so it ended like this Well, maybe I can get Tom to come in the second season. Seeing this ending, I really can't complain. Erich's exposure to such a low IQ fits his "personality" very well. The setting of self-destruction is really the least favorite of all suspense, especially the self-destruction of this kind of IQ offline.

The biggest reversal for me was actually that Erich didn't pass the lie detector at all...

As for the way the heroine gets the DNA, there is nothing to say about it with the suspect Kiss. ​​The screenwriter should really think about it. Is this plot arrangement really reasonable? Isn't it really satirizing the US jc?

I feel that Tom has also paid a lot for Erich. Whether this show is good or not is really beneficial to many editors. Alas, I still have to choose a good book, and Tom has to work harder.

I don't think he has a disability until now. I think his appearance has been fixed since HP3. It's just that the filters are heavier due to various reasons such as doujinshi. People are handsome and charming, and baldness can be ignored.

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