why are you sad

Abdullah 2022-10-17 04:32:29

The whole drama feels like a famous novel, especially the lines and literature. Like watching Japanese dramas, I like to press fast-forward to draw a plot, because the lines are relatively watery, and I won't miss too much.

The British style is very charming, courteous, and gentlemanly, which obviously does not belong to this era. Aristocrats, high-ranking people, cultivated, temperamental, articulate in speech, and always dressed in a decent manner. Just like classmates Hua Lun, always be graceful and calm.

That house is really beautiful, artistic and noble. Looking at the exquisite carved railings, I really sigh that they have the leisure, patience and persistence in the beautiful layout. The profound cultural heritage is also reflected. I always feel that the high society props involved in the film are genuine. I actually found the Chanel logo on the sofa in the living room. Did it exist in that era? Or the director's negligence.

British dramas are more difficult to watch than American dramas, you can't open a web window and browse while watching, you have to stare honestly, but British dramas are more memorable. A large number of literary lyrical language, the lines are extremely weighty. Like British rock lyrics are more complicated than American.

What exactly do you want to express? This is a question I usually ask after reading a famous book. I still don’t understand why Sebastian is sad, and my family has not treated him well, so why bother myself.

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