past time

Winfield 2022-09-21 16:33:51

The TV series is very good, just the right amount of cryptic, suggestive.

Is she unfaithful? you are happy? I'm happy then. I don't like her either. Then why did you marry her? "
Physically attractive." And ambition. All agreed that she was the ideal wife for the painter. Lost Sebastian because of loneliness. "

"You love him, don't you?" "

"Yes. He is a prologue.
There is a passage in Charles's mind "
I haven't forgotten about Sebastian." He was with me every day in Julia, or rather I met Julia in him in the distant pastoral days. I haven't forgotten about Sebastian; every stone in this house evokes a memory of him "

S is not such a narrow homosexual love, S brought C a beautiful, happy and supplementary childhood, where C felt love for the first time in S, and has been looking for love and S since then, until JULIA, a healthier woman Version S, but it still doesn't work, their family can't escape that stupid religious plot.

If it is said that all sentient beings are obsessed with God's will, then human beings are made to be a very vicious game

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