"You're guarding your sadness" "I deserve it." Alcoholics are so sad

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neurotic father after the storm in the hometown .
Sissy Blanche's lazy eyes.
Sebastian's family is full of weird people, no wonder he doesn't want Charles to know his family.
Two seemingly swinging sons, never play with women.
Religion is a mixture of complexes and precepts.
A gay couple goes out with their father's mistress.
Alcoholism is genetic, and it can be seen from the way you drink.
The mother of Sebastian converted to Catholicism, and he rebelled against alcoholism.
drop out.
"You gave me so little, what right do you have to ask me to give you so much?"
I don't want to repent today.
Catholics cannot get divorced.
One of Sebastian's sisters, Julia, is married to a snob.
Everything always starts with the best.
The cute sissy reappeared.
Sebastian drank all the time, like a lady with a dead husband. Then met a lame German Han Kurt, took him in, and together, traveled to Morocco.
His second sister is very heroic.
The big German man was also an alcoholic. When his friend died in battle, he shot and broke one of his own feet. He also became lame and often festered.
At first I thought Kurt was Sebastian.
Two alcoholic comrades, what hope?
Charles wandered the world and became a very manly architectural painter, like Avanti. Lives in New York and has a wife.
Julia became more forgiving and sadder.
Shaking and dancing people in a ship sailing in a storm.
Poor co-wife.
We go astray in the beginning.
"Rex is not a real person at all, he is just a few highly developed human instincts, nothing else."
Charles looks like Maugham.
"You are guarding your sorrow" "I deserve it."
Because of the brother who loved her, he finally fucked her like a cat.
- I heard that you have been taking care of my husband.
- Yes, we are already very friendly.
He felt his wife's cheating, and the green hat made him the king of the forest.
Sissy Antoine's unique eyes show. Take Charles to the "shady bar", be gay.
Charles is considered similar to Gauguin and Rimbaud.
"Glamour kills love, kills art"
"Who cares about divorce in these times? Except for some old maids."
"At least we are happy now, here and now"
, who was bound by a hypocritical family and canon, said, "I wanted to give it to him back then. Having a child, stillbirth tortured me to death."
She wanted to get married to bring order to her life.
The old nanny is still there.
Chinese-style living room, queen's bed.
"I committed a sin, and that is freedom."
Her father died, and she was influenced by religion. Although she was divorced, she did not want to marry Charles.
War ruined their love?

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