It is often the details that impress the audience

Ransom 2022-07-21 20:53:44

At the end of the year, I saw that this drama was recommended on Bilibili. The up master named it "Male Protagonist Gao Shuai Series". The male protagonist is indeed too handsome. Although he can't look directly at his swollen nose, he is still too handsome!

When it comes to what really moved me to watch this drama, I recalled the part where the five people from the previous generation were looking for free and democratic news. The whole drama doesn't quite set the tone, but it reminds you every now and then that we're always on the lookout for the truth of the news. From the first episode to the tenth episode, it's a foreshadowing part. It's really like an American drama. The first half is the pre-tune to whet your appetite. From the eleventh episode, the force goes into the second half, the discovery of the truth. After watching Korean dramas for so many years, this drama is really the first time that I have such a clear feeling. After watching ten episodes, you start to organize your mood and look forward to the exciting second half. The screenwriter grasps the rhythm of the whole play very well, and then infects you from many small details, covering your head with your hands, reading the heroine's email so nervous that she falls, the heroine falls in front of the camera after interviewing a member of parliament, etc. It's all done to perfection, it's very real.

Speaking of actors, Park Min-young and I started to know her from the funny family. At that time, she was really beautiful and natural, although I don't know if she was rectified at that time. In this play, the face does look swollen and a little stiff at times, but it does not hinder Cai Yingxin's playful temperament. The acting is very natural, and the screenwriter wrote the heroine's character so well, not pretentious, not white lotus, not Virgin Mary. Smart and brave. Afraid of causing trouble to healer, I kept looking at him, and never asked much. Anyone who encounters such a woman can't help but throb. Man, aren't you going to an uninhabited island? Hurry up and drag it away. The two have been to the world of two! It was the first time I met the male lead, Ji Chang Wook. Later, I was recommended to watch the two episodes of RM with him. I really laughed. The most stupid guest in RM history must be him. But with such a stupid nature, he played a healer with high IQ and cool skills in the play. He was vivid and vivid. Looking at the healer, he couldn't remember Chi Xiaoge's cuteness at all. Ji Changxu's crying scene is the highlight, it's amazing, the backlog and outburst of emotions are unbearable. If you want to survive in the film industry for a long time, in addition to a face that everyone praises, such acting skills are really the trump card.

There are no characters that you are particularly disgusted with in this play, the misunderstandings without mother-in-law and mother-in-law will never be solved, and the male and female protagonists are independent and brave. What's more worth mentioning is that Korean dramas have finally begun to get rid of the concept of love first. The love scene of this play has become a supporting role, growing with the dreams of the hero and heroine. This is the truth. Love is a part of life. It grows gradually with you and does not dominate. This is what the dramas I have always liked to watch look like, so I have always preferred Japanese dramas to Korean dramas. But even if it is a love scene with a supporting role, it can still touch the hearts of the audience in every little detail in each episode, and inspire the audience's girlish heart, Su Dao burst! Such little details, please do a little more! I'm really thankful to have come across this great drama before the out-of-limit order came into effect. Thank you to everyone who put their heart and soul into this show, you are all great!

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