Take the best policy, the end of the final chapter is also the beginning

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The end of Healer 's best strategy
is also the beginning.

After many days of tossing and turning, I finally came here. After more than two months, after the New Year's Eve, this work that tells the life stories of two generations of media and healers is coming to an end. . Just before the end of the story, the question is obvious:

How will the life goals of a person who was saving money just to realize his dreams change when he comes into contact with people and things related to his life experience? Will his life focus change after meeting someone he can't give up?

In the previous stories, so many viewers followed the young healer Xu Zhenhou to see his dreams, his expectations, his suffering and life, as well as the various carefully planned conspiracies and various events surrounding his life circle. Surprisingly, when the story is about to be accepted, what kind of ending will the person who tells the story of the healer bring to the audience?

As long as the audience watched the finale, most of them were moved, happy to the point of sweetness but not satisfied. After all, the plot was limited in length, many of the content that should have appeared did not exist, and so many characters did not have time to explain the plot, which ended in a hurry. It is more like a rush like the previous work [Xinyi]:

before Enxiu appeared in the play, he found out the origin and origin of several medicine bottles in the cracks of the stone, and gave a touching reunion between Enxiu and the general, although It's good that two people who love each other can meet again, but the reason for the love is not clear enough, which also makes people feel regretful. Fortunately, screenwriter Song also uploaded the content of the script, so that so many viewers who pay attention to the series can see the twists and turns of the plot, but it was not able to be filmed, and it was not broadcast.

And in our story about the media and the healer, at the moment of the finale, there are still many regrets. For example, no one saw the ending of Jin Wenzhi. The last time the healer saw him, he only saw his spirit Disorder and personality transformation, because love could not be realized, he regarded himself as his old friend Wu Jihan, and was talking with Wu Jihan. Only at that time did Xu Zhenhou, a new generation of healers, realize that the person he hated had already been punished, but people only saw his majestic appearance, and did not know that he was suffering to the point of wanton madness in private. look. How painful and urgent it must be to want to become another person, to want to appear as another person, say what he should say, and do what he should do.

Look, that's it. In the story of screenwriter Song, both young and old have a clear attitude and clear choices. Love is love, and no love is no love. They will not trade feelings for conditions or scruples. In the story, there are no emotionally chaotic people, everyone is persevering and working hard for their own feelings, so if you like single-mindedness and perseverance, welcome to pay attention to Song screenwriter's works. After all, until the end, Jin Wenzhi was just a person who loved Cui Mingxi deeply, but he was too clear and too sad. From the beginning, the person Cui Mingxi loved was never him, even if he abandoned her daughter, I couldn't get all her love, and what I got was just being in peace with each other, but now the truth is open, the other party didn't even want to do it, just looked at him and thanked him with tears and said:

-Wenzhi Ah, I really want to thank you for accepting me~

- I really appreciate you for taking care of me for so many years~

However, with so many thanks and gratitude, there is no love, not to be loved by the person you love deeply, but also to be loved by the person you love deeply. Abandonment is the most helpless thing in life. But Jin Wenzhi also paid a lot. He became a sinner who abandoned his stepdaughter. In order to rescue Cui Mingxi, he paid her medical bills, chose the best hospital for her, changed his values, and cooperated with the wicked. Although this injured woman , and finally became the wife of the president who everyone admired, but he knew that she had never loved him, not even once.

Since there is such a helpless but forced parting, there will be an equally helpless reunion. So, here's what makes the audience unhappy:

Even if Ms. Cui refused to live with Jin Wenzhi and left specially, even if Jin Wenhao pushed Cui Mingxi in a wheelchair and brought Cui Mingxi to the coffee shop opened by Cai Yongxin's father, why did Ms. Cui not publicly admit her daughter and Cai Yingxin did not call her mother?

This is of course because Ms. Cui's physical condition does not allow it. In so many previous episodes, the audience has seen Ms. Cui fall ill as soon as she hears about her daughter. She can't control herself and needs someone to take care of her. It's really inappropriate to talk about it now, but seeing Ms. Cui do this What a delicious meal, the parents seemed to be very sensible as they came to visit specially, and they hurriedly invited her in. They also took out the photo albums of their children from childhood to adulthood and showed them to her. She also looked at Cai Yongxin's adoptive father, Lawyer Cai. , laughed and cried, tears rushing down:

- Yongxin's father, how did you keep Yongxin so beautiful~

It turns out that she already knew it, but she didn't say it, but something is better than nothing, the child is still alive , already has a good marriage partner, the man is the child of a friend who knows the bottom line, which is already the greatest comfort to her. It is better to have hope in life than nothing. People, living is the best thing, do you still care about such a mother or daughter? Therefore, if this is the ending of Cai Yongxin and his biological mother, Cui Mingxi, it can be seen in the past.

It's the end, but there's no such thing as the end of everything. At the beginning of the nineteenth episode, Xu Zhenhou, who was shocked and worried, was forced to make a choice. Although he couldn't bear it, he didn't have much hesitation to choose, but after all, he committed a major taboo for healers:

himself and his people, Never allow to be bullied. If you are bullied, you will have to pay back more than once, and do not accept coercion and coercion.

But in the face of the threat to the life of his beloved, no matter how strong his self-esteem is, he can't accept it. Preserving his life is always the most important thing. In the face of Cai Yongxin, who was trembling slightly, he did not hesitate at all, and immediately followed the other party's instructions. request to do.

It turned out that the old man valued him for this:

as long as there is a bottom line, no matter it is a person or thing, it is good to commit a crime when forced.

Therefore, it is not difficult to understand why the people who come here will say something to Xu Zhenhou:

-The old man does this to the people he likes.

When it comes to Jin Wenzhi, there is a more precise statement:

-Unfortunately, this is the only child the old man has seen in the past few decades.

What? What should I do if I refuse to be bullied and accept threats? Of course, if you are beaten, you will fight back, and if you are threatened, you will turn the game over, kick the player over, and burn the chessboard to ashes to make tea.

Is Xu Zhenhou like this?

certainly. Otherwise, how could the president of Huang Empire be beaten like that? The method and angle are the same as when Xu Zhenhou himself and Cai Yongxin were frightened and coerced. Of course, there is also the battle to deal with the coercion of the elderly, which can be said to be the most worth mentioning tug of war in the generation of the second-generation healer Xu Zhenhou.

However, looking at the details, according to the order of the fight, Xu Zhenhou first avenged his own revenge, and then went to seek Cai Yongxin's account. It can be seen that he is a childish man with clear grievances, whether he owes others or people owe him. It is clear that what should be repaid, and what should be pursued has to be reclaimed; and Xu Zhenhou's battle against the old man used the opponent's proud and defiant personality to fight back against the omissions in his preference. In the final analysis, in the battle of wits and courage with Xu Zhenhou, the old man lost in self-righteousness, he did not know the other side well enough, he could not consider the problem in the other side's thinking mode, and he was used to controlling the situation and was difficult to control, and would not give trust easily. people.

Fight back as much as you accept, never be soft-hearted or back down. This is a simple and effective way for the healer to deal with it. Therefore, at the end of this story, the audience sees the embarrassed old man, who is simply exhausted to cope with the frequent and riddled situation. Even the mighty "peasant leader" feels the crisis.

What? Why are the old people so embarrassed?

In fact, according to the practice of the "Farmers' Association", the superiors must hide behind the scenes and must not reveal their true identity. If they violate the rules, they will also be abandoned by the "Farmers' Association", because there are more people who need to hide behind the scenes. Kick the exposed person out. Or, the anonymous phone call that the old man received already showed the determination of everyone in the association:

in order to protect more "farmers" from being implicated, continue to work in various fields of Korean state affairs and the country, and to renew the power and change the family, it must be sorted out. The old man, this "farmer" who insists and has preferences, is old.

Since Xu Zhenhou broke into the old man's private house and exposed his image, so that the entire Korean audience can learn from the online video the appearance of the leader of the farmer's "farmers" association, which heralds his failure and destruction. These arrangements and arrangements are all due to the special attention, special measures and preference of the elderly to Xu Zhenhou.

What? Where is the preference expressed?

After Xu Zhenhou expressed his obedience, he went to the liaison bar where the old man came to accept the task. In order to use the relevant eavesdropping device, he pretended to be cruel to the old secretary, and immediately said to the old man:

-Why are you so angry?

What's interesting about this is that it's not to scold Xu Zhenhou for being rude or bullying someone who doesn't have the strength to fight back, but to blame him for his temper. What does this mean?

The implication is that you can do whatever you want, but don't get angry. After all, the attitude of the old man is really not like taking advantage of Xu Zhenhou's bad guy leader, but more like an elder who spoils his grandchildren from the old Xu family.

So, how did the old man end up? Why is the plot not explained in more detail?

Judging from Screenwriter Song's public explanation to the audience of the play on the Internet, although the play has only 20 episodes, the content of the script is far more than 20 episodes, so the details of the old man's suicide cannot be clearly explained. Due to the limited space, the ending is inevitably rushed, and it is a pity that the screenwriter can only explain the plot by communicating with the audience on the Internet.

What? Why is there more plot content than the original broadcast length?

Or the screenwriter is preparing for the plot to be popular, and the TV station may be preparing for additional episodes, and specially wrote a version with a richer plot to prepare for additional episodes. As a result, it was regrettable that the audience ended up with the original number of episodes, resulting in the creation and shooting regret; or the screenwriter because of The strength is not good, the control of the plot content is not in place, and the plot cannot be fully described in the limited space; which of these two possibilities is greater?

Readers will make judgments, but unfortunately, the plot details of the good works cannot be fully described, leaving regrets for nothing, which makes people embarrassed.

In addition to the old man, there is a big turning point that affects people's hearts at the end. For example, the hacker Aunt Zhao's stronghold was finally discovered and the genius hacker was brought to the door to destroy it. The backbone of the Shang Xiu faction bumped into a hard drive in the bag, and while they were tracking it, Xu Zhenhou arrived in time and beat the person down, saving the aunt's life.

The interesting details are here:

the aunt who escaped in a hurry was extremely embarrassed, with messy hair, disheveled clothes, and even more funny, with black panda eyes. Although the healer Xiao Xu thought it was nothing, but his glances and uncontrollable smile annoyed the aunt, and scolded him:

- What are you looking at, and then look at your eyes!

However, Xu Zhenhou's feelings for his aunt are exactly as children treat their parents. During the long years of being a healer, he was unable to get together with his mother, and his master was not around. In many cases, Aunt Zhao was his parent, although this parent She always arranges something for him, arranges something for him, and even always calls him to talk about things when he is eating, but the aunt really treats him with the heart of a parent. Even if you are embarrassed, it is not a problem. After all, it is your own person. It is a matter of luck and gratitude to be able to escape safely. Since the arrangement has to be arranged to the end, whether she was a detective, Aunt Zhao still chose a stable path for Xu Zhenhou, who wanted to live a quiet and safe life:

completely disrupt the old man's plan to arrest the female researcher, and then cheat to death, someday News The news continued, and when Korean netizens saw the images, it was time to end the trouble.

Although Xu Zhenhou's thoughts have to be explained, the interesting interaction between Aunt and Detective Yin cannot be ignored. What? Why did Auntie hand over a scoop of ice cream when Detective Yin asked a substantive question?

Of course, it was because she had already decided that the other party would not marry for so many years just to wait for her senior to change her mind and hope to be with her and be taken by her. It is a privilege for a persistent person to love deeply. That's how Detective Yin was firmly taken by Aunt Zhao. When he saw the scoop of ice cream handed over, he was only annoyed that he couldn't ask. So, when all is said and done, here's the life of the healer, and it goes on:

The happiest thing is that after the incident, everyone who survived is still alive and healthy, the someday News news is still broadcast, the uncle the minister is still busy nagging, and the president Jin Wenhao is still living. Living a normal life, oh no, maybe it will be a happy and stable life in the future, because Minister Jiang, who likes him, suddenly his eyes lit up, it turns out that the person she longed for has come to her; the most gratifying thing is that she was physically and mentally traumatized. , Cai Yongxin, whose condition is so serious that he can't drive, has gradually recovered, to the point where he can drive alone for interviews, and her handsome and handsome boyfriend Xu Zhenhou, who still follows him and refuses to leave; the sweetest thing is that compared to the past, he can only Following in the footsteps of the person he cares about on a high-rise building, the current healer Xu Zhenhou is much happier. The interview outline that Cai Yongxin had prepared before to interview the healer himself came into the hands of the person who should have been interviewed, precisely because In this way, there will be Xu Zhenhou's slightly unaccustomed, although embarrassed, but trying to cooperate with the selfie camera. In fact, he is answering the question his beloved wants to ask, and Cai Yongxin's answer, this is Two people from the media responded in the same way, expressing their feelings and love. The most unforgettable thing is that the healer who survived the catastrophe looked at his lover with affectionate eyes. He and she were always their own healers. After a series of events, the two accumulated deep feelings, and no one could separate them.

[Healer] is an extremely rare Korean drama in recent years. It has a fresh style, a lively rhythm, and a wonderful and compact storyline. The two main lines of the past and the present run through it, vividly narrating the stories of two generations of media people and their efforts to achieve their ideals. , looking for news clues, the price paid, and the various follow-up stories surrounding news events, creating a highly visible picture and creating lifelike characters. From the protagonist to the supporting role, almost everyone has something to watch. From this point of view, The Healer is a wonderful story, but because there are so many clues, it is inevitable to give a complete account of the development of events and the fate of the characters, which will affect the rhythm of the narrative. Under the premise of limited space, it is quite difficult to be able to achieve multiple clues and explain them in place before the 18 episodes, so as to promote the development of the plot and tell the story of the characters clearly. Under the premise of limited space, the screenwriter cannot be demanding .

Public opinion exists to diagnose and treat social pain, and love is unique to heal and heal the pain of the soul. The story of Xu Zhenhou, a media person and healer, has not ended, it is still going on, just here, pay attention to him Like the people in the story, people must accept the arrangement of time and fate, accept the various shocks, regrets and imperfections brought by ratings, but it doesn't matter, the story of the healer can heal the mood and bring more unforgettable memories.

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