After the storm in the hometown, the soul returns to God

Camila 2022-10-10 01:45:21

The first time I heard about Catholicism, or my first impression of Shanghai, was probably a new concept of composition that I only came into contact with after high school. At that time, I just went to the county town from the countryside to study, although I thought I had some understanding of the world of novels and television, But I don't know anything about the real world, so when I read "Holy Father, Son, Holy Spirit" in my composition, my heart trembled when I read it in a mystical way (thought it was sacred at the time), probably since then, I felt that I had some beliefs. , is a blessing. There is something to rely on, there is a god to ask for, and he is so taller than the local immortal that he does not know where he is going.

The first time I noticed Brideshead revisited, it was when I was hoarding English e-books. Then I don't know why, the voice of the protagonist or the information from where I got it was wrong. I always thought it was Robin Williams or Anthony Hopkin. Si starred in, an old man remembered his youth when he was dying, so he kept missing it. It was not until some time ago that he became obsessed with watching Jane Austen's film adaptation on bilibili, and then slowly began to watch it. Even with hindsight, I found out that the uncle Jeremy Iron called on the barrage was actually a famous actor who played Lolita and other movies.

When I first got to know Cambridge, I fell in love with Cambridge, Trinity or whatever, and fell in love with the rainy meadows and bridges and rivers, and all about Hyde Park and everything Occasions of the English countryside and the nobility.

But all the opportunities, all the past and present lives, all the longings, the curiosity, and the repeated exploration finally seems to have finally been completed after watching the 11 episodes of the 81st edition of "After the Wind and Rain in My Hometown", and even in the next few episodes, I could not cry when I saw it. , was reprimanded by Mr. Ang, why do you have to watch something that will cry?

Because, I know, there are people in this world who are so miserable, obviously they can be very happy and even happy, but somehow, they are so miserable. So distressed, so feel the life experience.

Well, yes, what I want to talk about today is these dozen or so hours of memories. It was the time from the First World War to the Second World War in Great Britain, from the slow decline of the Empire of Great Britain to the place where the country was almost defeated, from prosperity to decline , from the generation of sebastian/charles to the generation of haper.

Because of all kinds of ignorance, I chose the smallest barrage in an attempt to gain a little bit of relevant knowledge while watching. I saw everyone indignantly saying how good it would be if only the first three episodes were good, and how cruel it would be if there was no back. Well, what kind of a scumbag is charles, this film is essentially a story of gay love with a closet that is hard to come by and painful, until the last episode, I didn't see someone asking why julia was like that. Resolutely turned off the barrage, I just wanted to scream and beat people, why don't you understand, why can't you see the obvious pain?

When I saw julia and charles crying and sitting down on the stairs to say goodbye, it was no surprise that sebastian and charles were sitting on the stairs at the beginning, s said in pain, I don't want you to know my family because they will take you away , you are all I have, but they will take you away, but it happened. At that time, I was very sad. I especially understood why you couldn't turn your back to the world and your family with me.

Some people say that this is a story of a straight man using gay to take over the whole world and then cruelly abandoning gay. Oh, even if Uncle Tie is so beautiful, he doesn't have that kind of scheming. He will always be a kind, ignorant, powerless confidant. This is true for j, even for barons.

Remembering the rumors, in fact, actors s and c were reversed at the beginning, and then the two negotiated to change roles on their own, so there was a blond boy with little bears and a tall black-haired "thin lover".

No no no, I'd rather believe that this is not about the hot topic of homosexuality, this movie (long-form TV series) is not even about the love of a man and a woman, it is an eternal topic of life and belief, freedom and pain, which may be caused by human beings. It has been happening since the beginning of history, or since there was a man-made divine history.

It is said that in the era of Homer's epics, there was no so-called free will, and all actions were given by gods, so all the sufferings and displacements were the responsibility of the people, full of destined helplessness and toughness.

Well, at the beginning of the 20th century, I just watched "Downton Abbey: The Story Behind Etiquette" two days ago, and I remembered that the eldest lady said, "Dad, are you going to marry me to a man who doesn't even know table manners?" I laughed out loud, even in the early 19th century, when Britain was at its peak, everyone's behavior was limited to various social conventions and calendars, and they couldn't breathe.

However, at the beginning, it was really good. The black-haired boy came to Cambridge with unease and cautiously tested the water, but inadvertently and as if he was destined to meet the willful and fragile blond boy. He seemed to have everything, identity, wealth and beauty. , and even freedom, but why so unhappy. They play together, fool around, and even if s hate the family so much, they have to take c to the manor to see the nanny, you have to see her, ah, I love her so much, but. . . All the pain is hidden behind this.

And the young C didn't know anything at all, unaware that his once best and closest friend was getting more and more painful and farther and farther away.

The most beautiful thing is that C was tortured to death by his old father at home during the holiday, and he was too embarrassed to move. As a result, a telegram came from the sky, and S invited him to the castle. Later, he even changed his first-class sleeper into two third-class seats. Come on Dora, it was their best time.

Even Carla, who finally became a little blunt, was so discerning at that time, and she inadvertently said a world-shattering saying, men should give the purest love to the same sex when they are young, and the love between boys is the purest, the most purest. beautiful.

She knew at a glance that S was in love with C, hot and hopeless.

It was probably his love for C that made S more and more hopeless, and his mother's high pressure made him have nowhere to escape but to drink to escape the world, and even finally escaped to distant Africa, where he went into exile with a rogue German tramp.

s said that he might steal valuables in the house and never return, but he needs me, maybe, what I need most is that someone needs me.

C loves him too, but without s, he can still live and live well, can get married and have children, can be a painter, can live in sin with j for more than a year, chat with each other in the storm, and do things together orphans of the storm, but s can only be an orphan alone, alone until the rebellion is broken down, and back to God, the goddamn god.

Just like their father, a prodigal son who had run away from home for decades, should be a Catholic in order to marry a wife, and a prodigal son who had escaped most of his life in order to wake up. Before he died, his stubborn children forced the priest to repent and atone for his sins. There, I just want to scream, I want to run over and punch someone, nonono, it shouldn't be like this, dust returns to dust, no matter how beautiful, but it's not what he wants, but in the end, the baron on the deathbed is still drawn Cross, or compromise with God, maybe it's good, but I feel so weak, it's due to my sense of powerlessness.

And julia, if this drama is not so deliberately played up the plot of male and female, then she is the undisputed heroine, beautiful and intelligent, thoughtful and rebellious, there is an episode in the middle of her problems, as a catholic, the object is Don't think about the possibility of the eldest son, but the second son or the youngest son, there are not so many good talents to choose from, but the lonely girl's heart was discovered by a caring person, and finally violated the canon and married a divorced man. When he discovered the truth, that person had no heart at all, he was not considered a human being, he was just a species pretending to be human, but when he and C met again in ten years, he had an affair and was a laughing stock in the social world. However, they were all in a storm. The orphan, C was also cheated on by his wife, not to mention, he may have never loved her, but she is so suitable to be a painter's wife. c love like s? Probably not, but there is no doubt that he also loves s and j, but he is a painter, and perhaps it is only in copying that he can see the will of God (no here does not refer to any religious god, but only God, A god, yes, I am an atheist who believes in the existence of a higher intelligence). He is pitiful and powerless, he is passionate and ruthless, he fights and is powerless to fight.

At night, there was lightning and thunder outside, and I was alone and stubbornly longing for the soul in the ruins of the collapse in a corner of Australia in the 21st century.

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