Charles, it would be nice if you hug him.

Rebeka 2022-11-22 15:49:09

After enduring this heart-wrenching pain and depression, I finished reading it, and the more I went to the back, the more I hated Charles, the more I hated Julia, the more I went to the back, the more I hated everyone. But at the end, when Charles drove around that corner, just like when Sebastian brought Charles for the first time, I let go of everything. After he met Charles and Charles was the last person, I let go. No more blaming Charles for letting go of Sebastian, no more hating him for his love-hate relationship with Julia, no more hating him for his religious stubbornness, and all sorts of bystander arrogance, all These were all translated into his love for Sebastian and the manor left behind after the last corner. The wind and rain in the hometown has passed, and the hometown no longer exists. I only remember the two most beautiful young people in summer, the chase on the grass, the drifting on the boat in Venice, you are my comfort in the wind and rain.

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