The hero and heroine are completely unpleasant, I don't know what TV series they are talking about

Constantin 2022-07-16 10:28:52

The whole article is about a murder case, and after ten episodes, I still can't tell a story that can be told in a movie.

Erich, played by Bald Dong, is a genius and the villain of the film. His way of solving problems doesn't look like a Silicon Valley genius, right? The way to solve the trouble is to kill people. Killing people directly leaves a lot of flaws and evidence, waiting for the police to investigate. In court, he didn't show how smart he is, and it completely sets off the talent of lawyers. To be honest, I don't think there is any problem with the acting of Bald Dong, but it is very problematic that the screenwriter's character is matched with the storyline. In the end, the story was not discovered by the police detectives at all, but Erich's two-valued watch. He couldn't help showing off the process of his escape with his subordinates, and then it was recorded... In order to set off Jingcha's incompetence? In the end, it was not clear whether single mothers a few years ago were really harassed? Is Erich's stupid murder motive a sociopath? I still don't understand why the female flight attendant had to be killed and a pile of evidence was left behind. As a genius, there is a better solution to commit crimes for the sake of crime!

Although the male and female protagonists represent the side of justice, in the second episode, in order to obtain the suspect's DNA, the female protagonist directly used seduction to kiss the bald director, and preached a spirit that any means can be used for evidence. Unable to have the slightest affection, the heroine of the seventh episode proudly said that she felt that it was great that she kissed the suspect for the evidence, which made people speechless. And to treat a domestic violence man and shoot him directly, isn't this a waste of life? The male and female protagonists have no guilt about this, but only feel that it is very dangerous that they are almost injured? ? ? This is the so-called justice, which caused me to really dislike the male and female protagonists when I watched the drama. Because I am the embodiment of justice, I have a great aura in all my actions such as hiding my suicide note.

On the contrary, the bad and thorough bald director makes people feel a little pitiful, and the motive for the crime is too far-fetched. In order to pave the way for the relationship between the male and female protagonists, I did not tell a single story after ten episodes. I sincerely hope that Dong Dong can have better resources in the future, and stop wasting his acting skills on bad dramas.

Come on, my little master~

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