The third article Jin Wenhao - the first person to wake up in the iron room.

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A review of the drama, the original work is emmaocean, published on Baidu healer,

"If an iron house has no windows and is extremely difficult to destroy, there are many people sleeping in it, and they will soon suffocate to death. To die, do not feel the sorrow of dying. Now you shout, and you startle a few more sober people, and make this unfortunate few come to suffer irreparably dying agony, do you think you are worthy of them?" "

" However, since a few people are up, you can't say that there is no hope of destroying this iron house."

- Lu Xun's "The Scream" self-preface

Translated as "old minister" is also drunk. Of course, we still have to thank the translators of Jinjinyeye for their hard work every time at 0:00, so that we have dramas to follow, and people should be content. Fortunately, some netizens reminded Lu Xun that he recalled the famous class in his youth, and couldn't help feeling emotional about the breadth of Korean drama screenwriters. Is it Lu Xun? Not a representative of traditional Chinese culture like Confucius and Laozi, who is more widely known abroad, but a pioneer figure of the May Fourth period that even we ourselves have almost forgotten? ! On the other hand, in the Mainland, there are still debates over whether to filter out his articles in the textbooks. Then, I think of Xu Sanguan's Blood Sale, which is being remade in South Korea. It was one of the classic novels that I secretly hid in my desk in high school and chased it under the cover of my textbook. A sigh. Pull away.

Talk back to the uncle. Why do you mention Lu Xun's words? Did you tell your sister? Maybe I just want to test my sister's position. But more, I am talking to myself, thinking like asking and answering myself, should I insist on continuing the search for relatives, what if it is the answer that I guessed? How can it be? Shall we unravel the mystery? Find the truth, and then. . . He didn't dare to think about it. He even hated that he was the first person to wake up in the iron room. The only thing that woke him up was the empty coffin when the grave was moved? Absolutely not. Judging from his attitude towards Mercy Zai, he has carried this burden for 20 years. He has loved it, but he does not dare to love it, because he dares not change into happiness, how can he be happy, when that accident is still foggy. This is the intuition that only brothers have, but it is too heavy. So I have been living like this, until the doubts are confirmed as the grave is moved, and the heavy turns into a horror. - I am guilty, sin is silent.

Kim Moon Ho's casting is really brilliant. Ordinary actors can't control such a complex role in the inner drama. A man who walks through the past and the present, night and day, lies and truth, must be able to endure, but also be able to explode, must be tender, and must understand sharpness and cruelty. I don't know if there are other actors besides Liu Zhitai who can portray this character's edge so penetratingly, at least for now, Wenhao can only be him, not him.

The first call with his brother in the first episode was full of sparks. His brother said, I will be on your side at all times. Without even a word of perfunctory, he threw off the phone, gritted his teeth, and looked at murder. This is by no means a simple discord between the face and the heart, such a strong hatred must be a matter of life and death. Why? The suspenseful foreshadowing is bought, and a good actor can explain the plot with one expression. like this.

Since then, Actor Liu has kept performing such classic face-changing dramas, and he has done them well, and the heat is not much and not much. The tenderness and uneasiness revealed when she is with her sister, the tepidness when facing her elder brother, sometimes being humble and sometimes alienated, to Yingxin, she has the majesty of her predecessors and mentors, and her uncle's doting and tenderness, as well as occasional absent-mindedness, Eye sockets moist, then cover up. . . There is no need to use too many expressions or body language for the beginning and ending of various emotions. Just the eyes and the control of the rhythm and tone of the lines, the heart of the characters with a sense of hierarchy is on the screen. This is the difference between an actor who is used to making movies and an idol actor. It can be said that the existence of actor Liu has transformed this drama from a simple heroic romantic comedy into a multi-layered realistic suspense ethics film. Especially when the casting of the male protagonist is Ji Changxu, who has excellent appearance and figure, the uncle still has a solid sense of presence, so that the characters of the show are not out of balance, and the stable alternative "triangular" relationship also makes the plot more interesting. Something to watch.

Here I would like to mention Wen Hao's feelings for Mizai alone. Weird. Since they broke up, they usually don't communicate with each other, let alone become a minister before Bi Wenhao, who was in the same period, and doesn't agree with his Don Quixote-style independent reporter investigation style. But the two had some inexplicable involvement, intentionally or not. It's certain that he can't forget his feelings, and he takes a deep breath every time he talks to the uncle. Every time I want to strike first, I panic and lose. The uncle's performance is more interesting, he is always cynically joking with Min, "It's good to come in ten minutes earlier, I just stripped off", "I'm here, smile more, you look good when you smile", "You are talking Are you in love? Why are you getting more and more beautiful. As an ex-boyfriend, I'm going to be jealous." . . All the uncle's sense of humor is used to "mocking" pity. Mature men and women, can you be more subtle about the pink color? Really want to bring down the younger generation. On the one hand, the uncle used this to express his dissatisfaction with Minzai (as a high-level spokesperson for the company) interfering with his right to freely report and investigate. will be injured. Fans who are worried about love triangles can definitely rest assured, as long as the uncle is willing to unload his psychological burden, there is still a good chance to feel pity.

Looking forward to the uncle's continued outbreak in the second half and continue to play the role of assists. No explanation.

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