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"If you open your heart, someone will come in and leave scars, but it doesn't matter. If you really meet a trustworthy person, even if you are betrayed, you will not feel hurt."
- Cai Rongxin
"Even if you are hurt, it doesn't matter. But, Don't tell me to run away, I never know how to run away."
—— Xu Zhenghou

couldn't help but sigh when he saw this, this is really a match made in heaven!
Speaking of which, I am obviously a member of the American drama party, and I have always sneered at Korean dramas (put a lid on it first)
What kind of love and love, it's really inexplicable!
Can't talk about a serious love!
Obviously it can continue to develop well, why do you want to die suddenly!
Why does this kind of reason become the reason for the protagonist's misunderstanding/separation/sadness! !
Why did the plot stop! What the hell are these people doing?
What about the IQ gentleman? dead? !
Can't understand! !

====Cough, yes, this post is about to be crooked, come back quickly~====
Yes, the above is my inner spit when watching Korean dramas.
Whether it can be traced back to the ancient "Blue Life and Death", "Winter Sonata" or the later popular "Heroic Chunxiang", to "City Hunter" in the past two years, the recent "Heirs", "From the Stars" "You" and "Pinocchio" (although the last one is not recommended to be mentioned in order to avoid fighting), I just want to say that no matter how good the stalks are, they are all ruined by the urine of Korean dramas...
Don't, don't first hit me!
Back in the day, before I was brainwashed by heavy-duty American dramas, I also had a pure girlish heart!
But ah!
"City Hunter" is such a good subject, but it has become a pot of muddled porridge (if it wasn't for Lee Min Ho's long legs, I would have given up the drama long ago)
"The Heirs" can be written in depth, but I am fascinated by the three views inside. Bright was blinded and gave up the show after watching half of it
The imaginative setting of "My Love from the Star" is unfinished (maybe I am the only one who thinks so)
and the "Pinocchio" next door, in all fairness, the subject matter, conception, and acting skills are all very good, But I still feel it's not enough. why? Inhuman.
Maybe someone is going to hit me again, such a down-to-earth drama is not humane? !
Yes. I do not deny that "Pinocchio" is a very sincere drama, but when I watch the drama, I always feel very inconsistent. Later, when I saw the struggle between Kim Moon-ho and Kim Moon-sik in "Healer", I realized that it was human nature!
In "Pinocchio", the heroine has always longed to abandon her mother, even at the expense of her own dignity.
In order to clean up the grievances of the male protagonist's family, the female protagonist "reluctantly" targeted her mother.
For "justice and truth", the male protagonist sent his brother to prison.
It's not right anywhere! Shouldn't this process be painful?
Jin Wenhao has been silent for 20 years but has been living in pain. As cunning as Kim Moon-sik, he panics when he learns that Ji-an is really alive. Mingxi has been alive for 92 years, and every time he mentions his daughter, his heart is heartbroken. Cai Rongxin's dream is to become a famous reporter, but the protagonists who are also hesitant because of Jin Yican's backstage,
and the protagonists, after a short struggle, gave up for justice and love.
This is what I cannot accept.
It doesn't matter how unrealistic the setting of "Healer" is, because the people here have the most real hearts!

==== Well, it's still crooked, come back! ====
Before watching Healer, I didn't care who played the show. I just saw the introduction of "becoming a reporter blabla", and I thought, "Hey, it's the same topic as Pi. Since Pi hasn't been updated yet, I'll take a look at this to pass the time."
But at the end of the first episode, he turned his back and fell, because of Ji Chang Wook's beautiful profile!
Well, yes, after all, the world is all about looking at faces.
But is it just that? No, it's not like that. I don't know where I saw it, but "Healer" is an American-style Korean drama.
Many people said that the first episode of "Healer" was too messy, too much content and too cumbersome. Fuel injectors, I have never felt that way, because, yes, I was brainwashed by American dramas, and this level is just right for me! Maybe that's what kept me going until episode 6.
In all those Korean dramas, the cumbersome exaggeration, the long ambiguousness, the emotional but unreasonable direction, all these problems are minimized here. Never procrastinate, calm enough narrative, and rationally walk the plot, for me, it can't be more cordial!
Screenwriter Song, who everyone scrambled to give their knees, really did it neatly in this drama, and never wasted time in useless places.
How can I not like this kind of plot, this way of narration?

==== Oh, no, actually I haven't gotten to the point [You're enough! ====
If I say, the American drama-style narrative is the reason why I like the plot of "Healer". But seeing now, I really want to say it out loud -
my girly heart is on fire again!
As we all know, Korean dramas are best at emotional lines, creating an ambiguous and heart-warming atmosphere in the smallest details. Even if the plot is sloppy, only pink can support a drama.
So maybe some people will think, hello, is your girlish heart very strange? Any Korean drama will do!
However, I think Healer is different.
This is an irresistible character.
She was pampered like a princess when she was a child, but she suffered many hardships when she was young, but after the dark night, she could be placed in the palm of her hand and grew into a kind, gentle, but rational and intelligent girl.
She is lonely and eccentric, abandoned by everyone, and has no expectations for life, but she still has kindness and gentleness deep in her heart.
Such female protagonists and such male protagonists may be seen in many places.
Not only that, but what moved me the most was their attitude towards life.
Cai Rongxin said: "If you open your heart, someone will come in and leave scars, but it doesn't matter. If you really meet someone you can trust, even if you are betrayed, you won't feel hurt."
Xu Zhenghou said: "Even if you get hurt, it doesn't matter. But, don't tell me to run away, I never know how to run away."
This young and tempered person, even in the darkest night, never flinched.
After escaping from the elevator, Rong Xin thought that Healer was only saving her for money. He was both sad and angry: "It's such a dangerous place! If you don't have time, you will die!" Even though she was sad that her feelings had failed, she was still worried about Healer's safety. In the face of the police's question that "Healer is a suspect in two murders", Rongxin is still as firm as ever, and goes to such a sweet and abusive date with a heart full of warmth.
When he first discovered that Cai Rongxin was a different existence to himself, Xu Zhenghou faced his heart. Can't express? It doesn't matter, I can wait. My father is a murderer, it doesn't matter, I will find the truth. Even in the face of the aunt's question, "How can someone like you who can't show up with Cai Rongxin?", Xu Zhenghou calmly said, "Then show her my face." In his world, there is no escape. , without flinching, only facing and fighting.
How can such a CP be rejected?
So, even if I hate the procrastination of Korean dramas and the plots without gold content, I still fall into this drama.
Such throbbing, such warmth, is the best explanation for the title of the play - Healer ==== So, writing so much, in the end, is a nympho

==== I
have said it many times before, I hate it Korean dramas, I despise Korean dramas,
if everyone had a weapon in their hands, I would have been smashed into serious injuries by now.
But it doesn't matter, if you really come across a drama worth watching, even if you get smashed, you won't feel hurt~

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