The warmest cure this winter

Jazmin 2022-11-24 14:19:13

I just finished watching episode 19, and I was poked by a small detail to the point where I burst into tears. I always felt that I was just in the Weibo Moments, screaming and swiping the screen without writing anything. I'm really sorry that healer brought me a lot of drama. Positive energy, I decided to record my feelings while I was being moved.

To be honest, even though I usually watch Korean dramas, listen to songs, and follow variety shows, I actually know that the common problem of Korean dramas is anticlimactic. Since the first Korean drama I watched, I have hardly watched two episodes a week from beginning to end. monstar" and "Shut Up Flower Boys" followed the live broadcast to the end, and even you who came from the stars heard your voice and gave up after watching more than ten episodes. Many times, rather than the messy and ineffective plot, I feel that the point that touched me in the first place no longer exists, and then I lose the motivation to continue. That's why I love healer so much - from the beginning to the present, every episode has small details that move people's hearts, feel that the world is warm, there is hope, and there is a direction to work hard.

I want to talk about my feelings from two lines. The love line of Zhen Hou Rongxin is undoubtedly a good start to the Korean drama without being pretentious, letting the audience know that there is no need for a third party, no need to misunderstand the blood, and they can fully interact with each other. The mutual trust and dependence of each other is enough to resolve conflicts and solve problems, and it also makes us in front of the screen less needless to worry, and can better understand the growing relationship between the two. I am really grateful to Songbian for breaking the shackles of Korean dramas that always describe the emotional entanglement between male and female protagonists and showing us such a warm, down-to-earth love that heals each other. At that time, when I saw the sweet scene of the two in 15 episodes, I was still very uneasy in my heart, for fear that after the development of the love line, it would inevitably usher in all kinds of mishaps. Fortunately, Song Pian firmly grasped the rhythm, except to frighten the timid audience from time to time in the preview of the next episode, to develop the love of Zhenhou Rongxin in the direction we most hope.

In fact, it may be more memorable from the previous generation, especially the stories that happened between Wen Hao and Ming Xi. There will always be an unavoidable triangular relationship in memory. Wen Zhi, who is taciturn and unsmiling, silently cares and falls in love with a young, cheerful, optimistic, gentle and firm Mingxi, but her eyes are drawn by Ji, who is equally enthusiastic and outgoing and is good at expressing fighting spirit. Han attracted, the two fell in love, and the introverted Wen Zhi could only be a quiet bystander. However, how could the feelings of adolescence be so easily concealed, and the fiery gaze that could not be concealed was discovered by Yingcai, who was sensitive but carefree and joking. . When I saw this, I was thinking that, also favored by the "old people", the young Wen Zhi and Zhen Hou more than ten years later made completely opposite choices, a self-paralyzed person who turned black and white but could continue to live without any guilt One is to do everything possible to seize the time to fight, all to protect the woman he loves, the current situation of Zhenhou is not much better than that of Wenzhi back then, but Zhenhou unconditionally trusts him to rely on him to support him to heal him. Rong Xin, and Wen Zhi tried his best to protect his beloved by his side, but he could never catch up with her heart. In episode 19, Wenzhi Mingxi's dialogue is impressive, Jin Wenzhi said, "You are the only one who believes in me." Mingxi said, "I only now know why I have worked so hard before, but I still can't fall in love. You." In the face of Mingxi's decision to leave, Jin Wenzhi, who was in the officialdom, hesitated but couldn't even say a word not to leave. Perhaps in his heart, when he decided to become the puppet of the "old man" more than ten years ago, he had expected it. This day will come sooner or later.

As Rong Xin said, the people around you, Zhenhou, are really nice, and Rong Xin is also accompanied by a wise adoptive father, so that these two children can still treat the world with the brightest smiles and sincerity even though they were hurt when they were young. . I have always believed that the most wise people are those who can see through the darkness of society, but are still willing to believe in the light. This is true for everyone from Mingxi Wenhao, to the master and aunt's adoptive father, to Rong Xinzhenhou. Maybe this is a kind of spirit passed down from generation to generation, which makes it more precious and healing.

The first thing that attracted my attention to this drama was a few GIFs on Weibo. Those were the first few episodes. As a little follower, Feng Zhu quietly protected Rong Xin, handed pills, covered his eyes, walked outside, small details. Immediately moved, I fell into the pit and couldn't climb out again. The eyes of people who love each other are different, and you can feel the atmosphere after the interaction between Jung Shin and Jung Hoo. The most touching love is so vividly interpreted by the two actors Park Min-young and Ji Chang-wook, which is really a rare visual enjoyment for the audience.

I have always believed in the existence of fate, and I am fortunate to have inadvertently appreciated such an excellent work. Healer, as its name suggests, is the warmest cure this winter.

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