There is a handsome man named Ji Chang Wook

Kaylee 2022-11-06 02:52:47

When I saw Xiaochi's first face, I was stunned. There were countless grass and mud horses in my heart. I wanted to say: Nima is so handsome, so handsome, so handsome! , countless stars appeared in front of my eyes~~

healer, he is a very lonely and lonely child, he has no friends, no relatives, no lovers, some just work with him, and he has never even seen his face Aggie mom. But he never feels lonely. His biggest dream is to buy an uninhabited island, raise dogs, cats, and, if allowed, a leopard! ! (PS: Aren't you afraid of biting?) Immediately, my mother's love exploded, and I can understand Xu Zhenghou's mood. I once lived through such a dark, miserable, painful, and tangled time. Luckily I had relatives and it got better after that.

Xu Zhenghou is unfortunate, and how lucky, he met Cai Rongxin played by Park Minying, a girl whose smile can melt the evil in the world. She is like a spring breeze, bathing Zhenghou's cold heart. So they fell in love, naturally and for granted.

Even if they encounter many obstacles, there are always those disgusting malevolence that is about to overflow in the world, the dark and twisted thorns in the heart, the poisonous juice that flows out of people continuously. That lord, Kim Jong-sik, is the so-called "people", people are always ashamed of their desires, and busy with all kinds of fancy excuses to cover up their dark side. I believe that many people originally had a bright side, but they finally succumbed to reality and worshipped under the pomegranate skirt of desire. It's like a broken bicycle, on the road of no return, but can't stop. The villain in the play represents the darkness.

Xu Zhenghou and Cai Rongxin, a pair of cured CPs, represent the light, and even Kim Wenhao, played by Liu Zhitai, also belongs to the bright side. Especially him, I think it is the most difficult. After he lied, he was in a constant state of panic and struggled with his own mistakes every day. In the end, he had the courage to admit his mistakes and was redeemed.

The pink plot is also handled very delicately. In episode 14, the two of them kissed affectionately, and I was full of passion. In episode 15, Koike's eyes that wanted to spit blood were even more unstoppable! ! Park Min Young is so lucky! Being able to sleep in the same bed with the male god is the dream of many Nima benefits~

Although the final plot is a bit bloody and rushed, but it still can't hide my Kochi's unbelievable looks and acting skills, he really doesn't look like 27, 28 years old, he feels like a little fresh meat~ so cute~

PS: I like Ji Chang Wook very much , I also went to see his performance of "Queen Qi". The Emperor of the Yuan Dynasty was so handsome that it made me dizzy! ! ! !

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