tepid work

Stan 2022-11-15 00:24:43

At the end of the year and the beginning of the year, the most popular Korean stars in the mainland are the big and small pools: Ji Cheng and Ji Changxu. The two most popular Korean dramas are their kill me heal me and healer.
What a coincidence, the surnames are the same, and even the names of the works have something in common.
It's fate.
Different personal tastes, their own preferences. In my opinion, this is a tepid drama, there is no very exciting point, but overall it is passable, no matter in terms of plot, actors, and production, it is a qualified work. The emotional scenes of the male and female protagonists in the middle section are the best.
But it's still a pity. I think the plot and characters of this show are very good. The subject matter is social, suspenseful, love elements, and even a bit anime-like. It can be made into a work with a higher artistic level, but in the end It's bad. There is the problem of the director's skill and the tension of the actors.
A bit like a handsome guy, he looks good everywhere, but he is silly and sweet, lacking soul and charm.

The male protagonist's character is still very attractive, and it reminds me of City Hunter, which is a bit similar. However, the male protagonist of City Hunter is more just, and more tragic and solemn.
10 or so episodes are the best! Sure enough, the love scene is online, and it will definitely look good!
The male protagonist has changed from accepting the entrustment of others to protect the female protagonist to being entrusted by himself to protect the female protagonist, completing a qualitative change.
He lurks beside the heroine, incarnated as Xiaobai's intern on the birthday night, and in times of crisis, he turned into a superhero to save the beauty, always saving and always saving! During the rescue, he was still gentle and ambiguous, how could he not let the female deer bump around!
And then pretending to be mysterious, not showing you the real face, knowing that people are waiting for you, but not showing up! It's so easy to touch a small hand, but it disappears in a blink of an eye: It's so easy to turn around and kiss a small mouth, but also to cover your eyes... This approach of giving a little sweetness and disappearing is too high, how can you not let a woman's imagination!
Oops, I like this kind of drama, you guess I guess, if you want to refuse, but also welcome, the heart beats the scene. .

It's a pity that the plot is not very strong, no wonder the ratings have dropped
The male protagonist suddenly lost his superman aura, became so powerless, his IQ also declined, he was impulsive and self-willed, and he was very unhappy when he saw it. He said, "Give me back Superman!

" Tears. But my mother said, "After more than 20 years, someone finally asked me what happened that night." It felt so miraculous that no one asked her a single word when the family was destroyed overnight? No husband, friends, family, police, etc.? Could it be that she never doubted her current husband for so many years, or that even if she doubted, she was deceiving herself, because she was powerless to resist. . A

lot of people say that the pink of this show "tortures a single dog to death", but in my opinion, as far as the pink show is concerned, it is completely different from the heart to heart next door. After watching that one, this pair is just like chewing wax. .
Although I think Koike is really handsome, his charm needs to be cultivated more.

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