The first drama review dedicated to healer

Ibrahim 2022-10-23 03:19:39

Healer can be said to be one of the best Korean dramas I have ever watched. The good things can be roughly divided into the following points:

The first is the high-value CP, Ji Changxu's face is enough to lick the screen, and Park Minying Erni is also super beautiful and greasy, and the hairstyle reduces age and adds points. The two are full of CP feeling. Next is the OST in this drama, which is super nice, especially when healer's OST sounded, the blood boiled, and the handsome picture of Chi wearing black clothes flying over the eaves and walking the wall appeared before me. The music alone is very moving. There is also the creation of characters. Although some of the plots of Korean dramas are very old-fashioned, the details are very good. It doesn't feel so embarrassing to shoot, which is why I prefer Korean dramas compared to some mainland dramas. Korean drama actors are really good at acting, from the eyes to the corners of the mouth.

The most impressive scene is when the aunt sighed at Rong Xin's eyes filled with tears because he was worried about Zhenhou: "He really should have a look at such eyes." Just need a pair of talking eyes.

The supporting characters are also created with great care, rather than serving the protagonist blindly through a one-sided character

Aunt is mercenary on the surface, but is actually soft at the bottom of her heart. Treating healer as his own child, it seems to be a relationship of interest, but he is more worried than anyone about whether healer will be injured. She is an omnipotent hacker, a witty and decisive policewoman with high iq, but she is also a guilty mother, and the knitted sweater toy just wants to make up for the dead child. The audience is not a fool. Compared with those sensational lines, the details are moving enough. I also like the character of the master very much. The seemingly silly smile is actually the most shrewd person. Seeing all the situation early, he would rather pretend to be confused than uncover the bloody truth. Such a powerful healer died so miserably at the hands of his best friend. He seemed to have left his apprentice so ruthlessly, but he accompanied him with no regrets for so many years and taught him to be strong, brave and to survive. 's ability. The characters who have not played many roles can be shaped so three-dimensionally and richly, which all shows the success of this drama. There is also reporter Jin Wenhao, he seems perfect, handsome appearance, tough backstage, extremely high reputation, enviable status, as a reporter he is the embodiment of the pursuit of justice, the heroine worships him as an idol, but it is so similar A perfect person actually has unspeakable sins in his heart, the cowardice and cowardice of ordinary people, and silence is his sin. However, all this is gradually redeemed after meeting Rongxin and Zhenhou. Let's talk about the main character. Rong Xin is a girl who has been deeply hurt but is still cheerful and optimistic. Like many heroines with positive energy, she has some beautiful and firm dreams, and occasionally goes crazy and playful, but she lacks the hypocrisy of other heroines. She understands that she likes healer and bravely pursues it, not because of a good excuse for someone else to leave. Or to find out why you lied to me and how can you do it, but after holding the hand of the male protagonist firmly, take on the danger with him, and then smile easily and say it's fun. The warmth is like the sunshine in winter, so that the long-frozen male protagonist can't help but melt quietly after approaching. As for the male protagonist, I can hardly express in words how much I love him. If you want Yan Youyan, you need to be smart and cute, and you need to be handsome and handsome. When in danger, he will come out to protect you as soon as possible. When he is uneasy, he will listen to you quietly, and keep silently watching your back when you can't see him. He is a healer and can only live in An errand runner at night, he belongs to darkness and loneliness, and makes people feel distressed when he is vulnerable. But after he came into contact with the light, he turned into a clingy goblin with all kinds of domineering and doting warmth. The sweetness of the interaction with the heroine exploded~

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