Violette 2022-09-03 13:15:02

What I find most commendable about "Healer" is the loneliness that this drama sets for the characters, the innate, irreversible loneliness, which gets worse over time. Yingxin said that when I was a child, I had that kind of feeling, hoping that no one would see me, and I hoped that no one knew me, so I was left alone, because I can only be alone. Zhenghou said, the most annoying thing for me in this world is understanding and caring. It is better to go to an uninhabited island and be the owner of the island, and no one needs to care. But these are only once, because of loneliness, so need companionship, everything can be different. One day he met her, a Ying Xin who could fill the gap in his loneliness, a person who made him uneasy with the slightest disturbance. He once froze without caring. He turned to leave and turned around. It turned out that the first snow was floating. Under the sky, what is most needed is not fried chicken and beer, but a hot and long kiss. Even if you can't see the other person's appearance, you can still be simple and crazy.

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