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"Welcome to Dongmo Village", welcome to Dongmo Village! Welcome to Dongmakgol!

Dongmo Village is a place similar to the Peach Blossom Spring. As soon as the colorful butterflies that were introduced into the scene appeared, we shouted "Peach Blossom Spring!"

The villagers of Dongmo Village were even simpler than those from Taoyuan. They saw the grenades held by the soldiers and questioned, "How did they color the potatoes?" When the North and South Army raised their guns and sandwiched them in the center, they were very surprised. Naturally asked: "Why are you so energetic, it's time to eat!"

Welcome to Dongmo Village, um, welcome...

The grenade of the war blew the food they used for winter into popcorn, the village chief said. , There is still in the ground, come and eat.

They heard Smith from the coalition as Miss Xi, the only cultural person in the village, wondering why I asked him "How are you?" Why didn't he answer "Fine, thank you, and you?"?

They don't know what war is. I don't know if there is Han, whether in Wei or Jin.

Seeing them, the war is so stupid.

Check it out, welcome to Dongmo Village!

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Welcome to Dongmakgol quotes

  • Teacher Kim: [in English] How are you?

    Smith: What?

    Teacher Kim: How are you?

    Smith: How do you think I am, huh? I mean, how do you think I am? Look at me, huh? I mean, look at me! I'm tied up with sticks here. You know, I feel like shit! Like shit!

    Village Chief: [in Korean] Not going well?

    Teacher Kim: It's strange. You can see, like it says here, sir.

    Village Chief: I can't read that.

    Teacher Kim: Yes, sir. Well, if I say

    [in English]

    Teacher Kim: 'How are you?', he should say

    [in English]

    Teacher Kim: 'Fine, and you?'. That's the right American answer, so then I can say,

    [in English]

    Teacher Kim: 'I'm fine'. Only then is this a completed thing. But he's a bit...

    Villager: Why isn't he doing as he should? Is he picking a fight?