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Hester 2022-07-11 18:42:44

Although there are some flaws in
some places, it seems that the details are not excavated enough, and the rhythm of some links is a little delayed, but the grenade was thrown at the granary inadvertently, and the corn was blown into popcorn. The crazy girl is at the end of the film. North and South Korean soldiers sleeping in a room like brothers with a flower on their ear, the editing sequence, etc. are all amazing
but in fact, I saw those three soldiers, representing the two sides of North and South Korea, After successfully diverting the U.S. military to bomb Dongmo Village, thousands of bombs fell in the dark night sky, but the three men smiled happily in the fireworks that exploded from the far and near hillsides. The scene of tears, my heart was savagely shocked. I
saw the comments and predictions, saying that although this film represented the best result of South Korea's 2005 box office plot shooting, it won the 78th Oscar, but because of its position or some other opposition. The beauty factor, it has zero chance of winning an Oscar,
but when I saw the scene where the bombs are like fireworks and the soldiers are like babies, I know that the award is too small for the collective that made this film,
just because This shot, just because of the audio-visual language presented by their hearts and expectations, the film will also enter the world film history.
Sincerely praise

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