Sex and Human Abnormal Expression

Roderick 2022-07-10 18:58:14

British thrillers are indeed very different from Hollywood's, the whole film is so serious, cold and full of violence.
Sexuality is depicted throughout the film, from the husband peeping at his wife changing clothes, to the rape he experiences during a tragic encounter in the dark night, to the husband's impotence, and even finally shoving a gun barrel into his anus as revenge. Just looking at it made me a little sick. Sex is probably hidden by most people in real life and is never discussed openly, but its importance is undeniable and cannot be ignored. Men and women are attracted to each other because of the existence of sex, and they retaliate because of sexual aggression. Couples without sexual life (impotence or sexual incoordination) also create obstacles, so that violent revenge is also achieved by sexual harm. The films are filled with sexually abusive colloquialism and swearing. What impresses me most about this movie is that it reminds the audience that sex is the mainstay of the story. It's important, it subverts everything in life and destroys everything around it.
The expression of human nature also exists. The husband goes from cowardly, fearful and hurtful at the beginning to fearless and fearful at the end; the wife is full of revenge and finally self-save; , it seems that all coincidences find intersections in this gloomy night, in this remote wasteland. People who were not originally malicious are unintentionally and uncontrollably indulging in their savagery, knowing their mistakes and never changing their minds.
The movie expresses these extreme contrasts of human nature and the amazing power of sexual harm in a cold way. To be honest, it is a bit uncomfortable to watch, but it is also a serious movie with content.

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