Peach Blossom Land - Redemption of the Soul

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Actually, it's a fairy tale!

(1) The beginning of a stray-in-the-color

landscape painting is more suitable for telling a comfortable and leisurely story. But precisely, this softness and beauty is the beginning of the war. A strong contrast emerges from the very beginning and seems to herald it throughout.

Korean love movies prefer to use natural scenery with strong colors, so that the movie can reach an aesthetic realm. "The Cyborg Doesn't Matter" is the representative of each, colorful, gorgeous and charming, and this anti-war film also uses the same bright colors.

In our impression, war should be dark and raging. Although the whole world is not dark, at least it should be cool. And the director of this film just used a lot of bright and warm tones, which is not only to highlight the paradise, but also a wonderful satire of the black war.

Six people from different camps came to the Peach Blossom Land in this war era through different paths. As soon as several people met, the conflict broke out instantly. But this film does not have the thrilling confrontation of ordinary war films, and the two sides have a delicate balance due to various reasons.

In order to maintain this balance, the two sides can only face off on the spot day and night. During this period, the various reactions of the villagers were truly unbearable. The director used a comedy technique to create an interesting picture of war in troubled times for us. It is not blood in the ordinary sense, but laughter and funny colors.

Just when we asked the director with a smile when we could break the deadlock, the silly girl pulled the grenade's pull ring, and the situation was about to explode.

At the moment when the grenade exploded, no flesh and blood flew, no stumps and broken arms. The popcorn flying and falling all over the sky is not as beautiful as the world. At this moment, everyone's face was full of surprise smiles, and only innocence remained in their pupils. Whether it was the Southern Army, the Northern Army or the U.S. Army, that relief instantly made the shadow of the war disappear without a trace.

The clean and peaceful soundtrack further elevates the theme and purifies the soul.

(2) Integration ·

The relationship between the wild boars broke the ice after the granary was bombed. In order to fill the village with the granary, the two parties put down their guns and picked up agricultural tools. Digging is not only a return to peace, but also a return to humanity in a sense.

The appearance of the wild boar changed everything. Life comes first, people on different fronts give up their prejudices and work together, and finally let the wild boar die under their sticks. At this moment there is no friend or foe, no nationality or race.

The kindness of human nature is brought out at the most critical moment. As if clearing the clouds and seeing the sun, the North and South Army have a new understanding of each other. This understanding has nothing to do with standpoint, but the most fundamental and primitive cognition of an animal like "human".

Later, they ate pork together and went to the toilet together in the fields, which further showed that in fact, all people were the same. No matter what the south was released to the army, they all had to eat and drink. Fundamentally, they are all human. That being the case, why should we divide the enemy and me!

As the days together increase day by day, subtle feelings develop between the three parties. They can neither completely forget where they stand, but they can't help but be attracted to each other. Gradually, they had dialogue, communication, and friendship beyond war.

Sports without borders, music without borders. Watching everyone play football in the "field" together, sing and eat potatoes together, we will have a satisfied smile on the faces of the viewers. The shadow of the war slowly dissipates, leaving only the memorable laughter and laughter in the potato field.

At this moment, they belong to Peach Blossom Spring, and Peach Blossom Spring also belongs to them!

(3) Sublimation · Butterfly

When happiness and fusion reach their peak, destruction also begins at the same time. Under high-sounding pretexts, the military made plans to bomb the village. Black finally invaded in the dark...

The sky was full of butterflies, preventing the arrival of many paratroopers. The pure butterfly is probably the angel sent by God to protect this village. This piece of paradise is reserved by God for carefree childlike people.

The killing is about to begin, and disaster has come quietly. Under the guns of the soldiers, the villagers voluntarily and consciously stood up to protect these foreign friends. Although they are dull, they are not blind to danger. In fact, long ago, they had sincerely accepted their arrival, from the very beginning, from the depths of their hearts.

The purest angel was the first to be polluted when the world began to darken! Because it is too pure, it cannot stand a little black. As fragile and beautiful as a butterfly, she quietly walked away.

Death finally revealed the reality cruelly, they did not belong to this peaceful and peaceful peach blossom garden. In order to protect this paradise, for the sake of common belief, the enemy of the past has become the partner of today.

For the sake of faith, they have nothing to fear. Because of this, there is also the tragic and solemn in the smoke behind. They were bloodied, quietly telling the strength of perseverance.

Facing the moment of death, they are so calm, maybe, if they have a heart, there will be no fear in the world!

Finally, they were freed, truly freed from the endless war.

(4) The final chapter: Baixue

waits for the sky to clear up, and the world returns to pure white. Looking at the helmets and weapons scattered on the ground, I felt an unparalleled tranquility from outside the screen. Buried in the snow, they are all children of heaven.

The uncle who made the lamp in my memory still kept his subordinates. Those big-headed puppet street lights are actually very similar to the animations written by Jun Miyazaki. Perhaps, the film itself is a fairy tale!

In my memory, the girl wearing flowers gently pinned the flowers to the little soldier's ear. In his sleep, Xiao Bing's innocent smiling face also felt happiness and tranquility.

I hope there will be no more wars in the world. Shouldn't life be pure blue sky, green grass and happy smile!

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