family of brothers

Ismael 2022-09-09 06:25:18

The lines have a deep charm, the style is just right, and the comedy is slightly tragic.
I quite admire Koreans' historical view of their civil war between North and South. Like "Common Security Zone", the filmmakers unify their imaginations in the film in a lyrical and nostalgic way about the current situation of the divided peninsula.
American Smith, three from the Union Army, and two from the Confederate Army. The chief was to survive because the entire army destroyed himself, and the second lieutenant was blamed for killing innocent conscience indiscriminately because the fate of his superiors could not be violated. These two are people who have no face to live, so they are in the last shot, laughing, and dying. First, the purpose of saving the villagers was achieved, and second, at the last moment of life, they sacrificed together with "compatriots" and "brothers", which really did a good job of whipping this war.
The chief has an inexplicable love with Xiaopang's mother; the young soldier in the south has a father-son relationship with the uncle soldier in the north; the chief and the second lieutenant will sympathize with each other; the young soldier in the north has a heart-warming love with the crazy girl; it can be said that the film is in the spiritual realm between the protagonists. The interweaving forms a field, a close connection.
The village is like a paradise, giving people in the war a space to breathe, cleanse their minds, and think calmly. They put down their opposition, took off their shirts, and farmed with the villagers, which should be the best living condition.
The part of killing the wild boar is funny and exaggerated. Although there is an obvious sense of keying, the slow motion shows the expression of their concerted efforts to kill the pig.

In the end, it was Lao Mei who was desperate to attack and attack in the strategy room, as if he was not a US citizen and could be sacrificed indifferently. Smith couldn't save the tragedy in the end, so it's obvious who is being spurned in the movie.

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