shit shit shit shit

Daniela 2022-07-10 19:37:36

Classmates, the messy rants start to get
complicated and tangled, the horse is bloody and bloody, let Nima go to shit, is the story complicated, complicated, your sister, when you
saw the boss's affection for the female pig's feet at the party, you would associate it, and there must be bosses behind It's a conspiracy, then you know that the guy is completely a complete set to
see that the protagonist suffers for killing a deer. This Nima turns out that the perpetrator is an extreme environmentalist, and it's a helpless movie. Helpless you XX, the deer finally survived , who is sarcastic, molesting the audience. . . In the final confession of the QJ, he said that his lame gangster could kill a taxi driver because he was a taxi driver without bringing any money. Such a lunatic actually only hit the male pig's feet in the end (fist and foot have no eyes, and the accident caused the male The main disabled), a partner QJ the female lead (I really thought it was a round J at first)
The second-hand male lead, was abused until half blind, can't do anything except cry, it is rare that this person is really an innocent guy, a little Do you not understand hate?
It’s okay to be weak, why do you still want a little girl QJ when someone else’s house is blocked by surveillance cameras, I really think he’s mentally disabled, even if it is some kind of violence to restore his sexual function, the guy is very sexual, Nima is outside There are a few people who can kill him at any time. He is so QJ, not afraid that the little girl will call him and he will hang up?
Forget it, I really feel that it's rotten, shit, shit, why Nima focuses on describing psychological changes, is there a process for the guy's transformation? Nima doesn't make sense, is there a prelude to the transformation of a woman? I saw that the QJ person was going to commit suicide and still need to be saved. I thought Nima hated it too much. I couldn't kill it myself. I wanted to save it and torture it. talk? QJ man, you QJ someone else, and since you feel so guilty, you can't even remember Nima being beaten by your QJ person. . .
And the father of the heroine Nima lived so close to them. The heroine grew up there, even if she didn't know each other, she didn't know a neighbor or the like. . . You go to your sister's mad revenge, if you don't take revenge in the dog B movie, you know that you are stealing XXOO next to the enemy. . . .

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