Welcome to Xanadu Dongmo Village

Ian 2022-11-14 04:59:39

It's a movie where you can guess the ending after seeing the beginning. As soon as you see the beginning, you know that these soldiers who meet will inevitably get along peacefully, but their intervention will also lead to the demise of the beautiful village. So it is bound to be a tragedy.

After thinking about it a little more, such a paradise-like village has goodwill and acceptance for outsiders, because they are never ugly, and they think the outside world is the same. They are always saying "what is it that makes you so angry?" They are not nervous. Emotions, and people from outside are always very nervous, the people outside - those soldiers, us, are always worried about their being killed, always on guard, soldiers can't understand them, they think they are pretending, but in fact who is not? normal? How did this defensive mentality, this distrust and vigilance towards others, come about? It's not a war, even if it's not in such a special war period - the background of the film is only to magnify and intensify the contradiction, and the hostility between people is also the same, but there is no externalized weapon such as knives and guns to show, the essence is not different.

In fact, we all yearn for this kind of beauty and have such kindness in our hearts, but we dare not let it out, because this means that we are unprepared, and we are almost certain that we will be harmed because of such kindness. This is how society deteriorates. Bad money drives out good money.

The beauty of a person or the beauty of a village is so insignificant in the face of war. With the death of the silly girl, it also symbolizes the demise of beauty.

The scene of mass killing of wild boars is so exaggerated that it almost makes people suspect that it was made by animation. The hair of wild boars is scattered, and the movements of people are exaggerated to the point of stillness, which is a very interesting shooting technique.

After this period, the estrangement between the southern army and the northern army was eliminated, and they became able to contact each other. Does this also mean that there must be an external unified enemy in order to unite?

The episode of the village chief being abused made me feel very uncomfortable. Such an old and kind old man was beaten and vomited blood. Of course, there is more fraternity, and there are villagers who stand up to defend those soldiers, pretending to be family with them.

I have always disliked Korean movies, and I feel that the plot is protracted, and I don't like Koreans. But the scenery shot in this film is still beautiful, although the rhythm of the plot is very strange, but there is extremely beautiful music to make up for this. It was only later that I found out that it was Joe Hisaishi's soundtrack, no wonder it was so exciting.

In fact, such a beautiful village was finally destroyed only because they saved an American who came from abroad. This also made me have a very negative thought. Most of the time, good intentions are not rewarded. All that comes is destruction. Maybe in such a situation, if they don't save people, they can maintain the beautiful life they were isolated from the world. Is it time to perish when the heart is fully open? In China, when someone strays into Xanadu, they always send him out as soon as possible and keep him secret, so don't worry, they will move immediately. This defensive mentality is the reason why Xanadu can always exist. In fact, the people who entered Taoyuan by mistake did report to the officials, and they did bring people to look for them. If they were found, it would definitely be the destruction of Taoyuan. So, sometimes being a little more ruthless may be really being nice to yourself. Alas, it really conveys a negative attitude and outlook on life.

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