Welcome to Dongmo Village

Shayne 2022-09-19 02:47:10

Before watching it, it was said to be a comedy and gave up for a while, but after watching it, I found out that the high score is really not covered.
Dongmo Village is a very wonderful place. One side of the mountain is full of bullets, but here is the fragrance of birds and flowers. A group of men who were already frightened met a girl who didn't understand anything and was innocent and seemed like an idiot, and entered this completely different world. Modern people who always suspect that others are too self-defense suddenly entered a paradise, and suddenly surrounded by such sincere people without disputes and carefree, it is not natural. War should not be a comedy, but a bunch of modern people always make jokes, the most incredible thing is that popcorn, beauty and evil are only a thin line.
The pictures are often so beautiful that it is unreal, and it even feels that people are separated from the environment, but they have the effect of theatrical stage background, especially in the scene of the bear fight. The method of dividing the comics into slow motion has more urgent tension.
No matter if he is in the South or the North or the United States and South Korea, everyone in Dongmo Village is one. There is no hatred of war, only peace and harmony. That little soldier didn't know what he was fighting for, just because others let him go, the friendship he got along with exceeded the hatred for no reason at all, and he was not the same person after taking off his military uniform. I generally remember Yoshiki Tanaka saying that war is a group of politicians who push people who have nothing to do with them into the abyss of death in order to satisfy their own selfish desires. Useless politicians, often many people with so-called ambitions in politics always say what to do after they are in power. What a good thing, but in the process of striving for the upper position, I don't know how many ugly things I have done. It's not just for the sake of eating, it's just good or bad, and in the end, it's just nothing. When I asked the village chief how they are now, the village chief simply said "let them eat more"...
The life without any disputes in Dongmo Village made everything disappear, and even beautiful butterflies could be parked in the crashed plane. The unsmiling sergeant finally opened his mind, but unfortunately the dark cloud came... Looking at his past, any life under the goal of war is worth sacrificing, but why should innocent people die?
Such a happy life is still broken, and I don't want to watch it any longer. It would be good to freeze it at this time. The director was not so kind, and the calm was shattered as the army descended. It is ironic that the airborne fighters are afraid of flying butterflies, and those who are blinded by blood see only anger. After the chaos, only the girl who didn't know the world died. No matter how the world changed, the girl who only lived in her dream became the victim... Beautiful and innocent things are always so fragile.
In the end, these fighters from different countries and parties decided to take up guns to defend the village. Some wanted to run away, some wanted to give up, but in the end they united. After the war, they began to examine their behavior, but they didn't know how to kill. The reason is that they took up arms again in order to atone for their sins, and the snow that fell at the right time gradually purifies their souls... The men, women and children in the village are even more reluctant to part with them, and the friendship is short-lived but long-lasting. They are just ordinary soldiers. If they hadn't come to Dongmo Village, they wouldn't have known each other at all, or even become friends of life and death, or they would have become victims of a senseless war on the battlefield, or they would have died of old age, and they would not have the vigorous smiles they are now. Aiming to die... The artillery fire was noisy, and the villagers of Dongmo across the mountain saw a magnificent red light.
Snow covered everything, all crimes were buried, butterflies fluttered, and they returned to the peaceful and peaceful Dongmo Village.
After being moved, I couldn't help but gossip. The actor Cao Chengyou in "If Love Had Providence" and "Marathon" is a loving and handsome man. His girlfriend is this cute and silly girl Jiang Huizhen. Because of "Lizard", this girl is in South Korea is a very special actress. In "Old Boy", she has been helping Cui Minzhi's revenge, and the pianist who was held hands in "Three Shifts 2 • Cut Love"...

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  • Teacher Kim: [in English] How are you?

    Smith: What?

    Teacher Kim: How are you?

    Smith: How do you think I am, huh? I mean, how do you think I am? Look at me, huh? I mean, look at me! I'm tied up with sticks here. You know, I feel like shit! Like shit!

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