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Let's not talk about the content, I think the Koreans can film the North and South Korean soldiers in the movie, from fighting each other, defending everywhere, living together, and even defending the enemy together in the end, they are already higher than a certain dynasty. . I always thought that the effect of war movies is to make people cherish the beauty of peaceful life and hate brutal wars. I always thought that the war between people who speak the same language is the most cruel. You can understand the pleading of the other party before they fall, and understand their last sentence, and even they grew up in the same environment and cultural atmosphere as you. Grow up, and now you are the one who ended their life. I saw the same Korean movie in high school, and I got this recognition when the Tai Chi flag was flying. What a lovely soul the heroine is. I think she is the most pure and innocent representative of the entire Dongmo Village. When a little soldier wants to treat her and say she is a lunatic, he can't treat her like this (I don't know if it's the truth or to protect her) At that time, the aggrieved eyes of the heroine were heartbreaking, and it also made her immediately touch the heartstrings. She said it was so hot, and the moment she closed her eyes after it was so painful, it should be the moment when the war fighters were condemned, and they should be ashamed of these actions. After the tragic and majestic ending, the ending just got a playful and cute ending. The heroine's jumping made me feel stupid from the beginning to the present, and it also made me feel that she was said by the person she liked before she died. Feeling sad that she is a lunatic, I think she should understand the little soldier's love for her, and the little soldier doesn't really think of her as a lunatic. Like the two officers said at the end, they came together at the wrong moment, like this war. Oh, by the way, as an old movie from 2004, the special effects that don't have 50 cents not only didn't make me feel a little bit disgusted, but even felt that it added a touch of magic, which is quite interesting.

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  • Teacher Kim: [in English] How are you?

    Smith: What?

    Teacher Kim: How are you?

    Smith: How do you think I am, huh? I mean, how do you think I am? Look at me, huh? I mean, look at me! I'm tied up with sticks here. You know, I feel like shit! Like shit!

    Village Chief: [in Korean] Not going well?

    Teacher Kim: It's strange. You can see, like it says here, sir.

    Village Chief: I can't read that.

    Teacher Kim: Yes, sir. Well, if I say

    [in English]

    Teacher Kim: 'How are you?', he should say

    [in English]

    Teacher Kim: 'Fine, and you?'. That's the right American answer, so then I can say,

    [in English]

    Teacher Kim: 'I'm fine'. Only then is this a completed thing. But he's a bit...

    Villager: Why isn't he doing as he should? Is he picking a fight?