"Welcome to Dongmo Village" お元気ですか?

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"If I say 'how are u'. He should say 'fine , and u?'. That's the correct answer in American.

Then I say 'i'm fine'. That makes a complete conversation."


--The two camps where Mr. Jin faced each other with guns. At the moment of looking at each other, there is only one realization that I am going to kill you. Is there anything else to consider.

Five men with two guns and three grenades faced off overnight. In the morning, the children are going to see the hives and the adults are going to work, so the remaining five people continue to face off in the rain with guns and grenades. Until the girl wiped the rain off the face of the only boy among the five with a cloth with a more curious prototype. Boy, you fell in love with her at this time. So you idiot can let her rip off the safety ring of the grenade! So you idiot can let go of the grenade when you get dizzy from the sun! So Lieutenant Biao, is it really a good thing for you to throw yourself on the grenade?

You probably didn't expect such a scene to happen later when you proudly threw what you thought was a stink bomb.

Beautiful uncle is king! The second lieutenant is the highest!

The whole film has a lot of big close-up slow motion long shots, as well as three momentary scenes where time stops. Oops I don't understand the terminology.

The slow-motion footage of the corn in the granary being blown up and evolving into popcorn is beautiful. Under the high heat, the white pulp inside swelled and broke through the golden coating. on the ground. It was suspected that the music from the music box made some tight things unwind. Go to sleep. uncle. Go to sleep. juvenile. Go to sleep, Lieutenant.

The filming technique used in the fight with wild boars is very funny, at least I have never seen any movies in American TV dramas or languages. Of course there is post-processing. Of course, the technology is not as good as Hollywood, but it's not as good as those domestic blockbusters. Afterwards, Lieutenant Biao and Lieutenant met two men who were embarrassed when they ate wild boar in a potato field (…to be investigated). How can I not arouse my long-silent rot cells. But when you were xx, captain, was it strange that you asked people's names - -|||

After that, there was a happy and harmonious collective life. . People live happily together.

The story ends here. (...)

Miss Xi, the blue-eyed Smith. When he and the little boy went to the wreckage of the plane, he found a beige butterfly, which was actually the same beige butterfly he saw when the plane crashed. Let's believe it's the same one.

Nine years ago, I was still struggling with whether to call my father or my teacher's arrogant age in class. One night, my father asked the whole class to go out to the balcony in small groups. What I saw was that at three o'clock in the dark night, there was only a large soft light from the headlights on the roof, covering the whole balcony that was wet and shining with rain. There are extremely fine rain threads floating under the beam, and small white moths constantly fly from outside the beam into a tacit circle, flapping their wings in a circle around the hanging headlights. They are shining.

Probably everyone but me forgot. He should have forgotten about the man who was always serious in class. But that's okay, I remember, I'll tell you later.

= = Hello. enough. Come back soon.

TAT honestly, I really like Miss Xi's blue eyes. Very clear and beautiful.

Miss Hi in the cabin asked a question. The answer came later.

= = I want to complain about one, the hygienist who is very afraid of death personally thinks he is very similar to Xiao Shenyang. There are also veteran uncles like Fan Wei. . . Really feel like it. Is it a brother-. -

= = Be serious.

Well, Xiao Shenyang sings well. She sang better than that little Shenyang in the Spring Festival Gala. . .

The bright yellow kraft paper Kongming lantern (I still like to call it dinosaur lantern..) will unconsciously think of the last night in the central square when it rises. butterfly fly to the sky shrouded in a cloud. So beautiful, so beautiful, dear. The soundtrack, you should know, was made by Hisaishi. (The screenshot is weak)

There is a scene where the boy wants to say something to the girl. But the camera turned away. I guess nothing was said. Do not ask me. Anyway, I knew it was impossible to say.
That night, the girl died.

In the end, in order to protect Dongmo Village, the men who drew their guns still fought side by side, didn't they? Then for nearly twenty minutes I was crying and thinking that I shouldn't die, but we all saw bombs fall beside them like petals. It's like I've been crying all week, thinking that we should meet again, but it's very simple to separate.

In fact, many people who participated in the war did not know who was right. It was as if the teenager had always thought that South Korea was invading North Korea, when in fact the captain told him that North Korea was invading South Korea at that time.

But these are all in the past. So can history be used as a lesson?

"Let's talk, we are not an alliance, but should be called the North-South Alliance, right? Am I right?"

"You're making such a joke at this time?"

"He's right!"

"If not now In this way, if we meet at another time and place, we may really get along very well. Do you think so too?"

"お元気ですか?" (How are you

) .)

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  • Teacher Kim: [in English] How are you?

    Smith: What?

    Teacher Kim: How are you?

    Smith: How do you think I am, huh? I mean, how do you think I am? Look at me, huh? I mean, look at me! I'm tied up with sticks here. You know, I feel like shit! Like shit!

    Village Chief: [in Korean] Not going well?

    Teacher Kim: It's strange. You can see, like it says here, sir.

    Village Chief: I can't read that.

    Teacher Kim: Yes, sir. Well, if I say

    [in English]

    Teacher Kim: 'How are you?', he should say

    [in English]

    Teacher Kim: 'Fine, and you?'. That's the right American answer, so then I can say,

    [in English]

    Teacher Kim: 'I'm fine'. Only then is this a completed thing. But he's a bit...

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