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Lina 2022-09-10 00:24:58

I have long experienced the kung fu of Korean filmmakers' obsession, and this time is no exception. Many movies with the Korean War as the background have added a lot of obscenity seasoning. It seems that this is not enough to show the "inferior" nature of the "small" Korean nation. How can there be such a perverted nation, such a despicable idea? It seems that South Korea has been a colony for too long, and it is mentally unhealthy.

Koreans actually have many advantages, but they use incomprehensible methods to express them.
In the film, several Korean fighters have excellent military qualities, but we already know that the Korean army (from the north and the south) was famous for its tenacity and daring to die. In the later period of the Korean War, the South Korean soldiers fought like wild dogs. The law made the volunteers complain endlessly. As for the military quality of the Korean army, especially the ability to manipulate high-tech weapons, it can be predicted by thinking about the national conditions of the illiterate people who are more illiterate than the newly liberated China.
In the film, the villagers in the small mountain village are all polite and neatly dressed. In fact, there were quite a lot of bad habits in the South Korean village at that time.
In the film, the U.S. military pilots misunderstood and joked constantly because of the language barrier. In fact, the U.S. military carries explanatory text in the local language with them and asks the local residents for help. How can they go to war without such documents?
. . . . , the faults are simply endless.

Originally, this film takes the path of imaginative allegory, which is of course a good artistic technique, but the material must have some basis for life, and it is logical. Using conventional materials to deduce unconventional results with reasonable logic is the way for filmmakers to demonstrate their artistic skills, rather than fabricating absurd materials out of thin air. The absurd effects and the handling of black humor all happened in a real and reasonable scene. Now the director and screenwriter have fabricated an absurd scene out of thin air, and the ending is so simple that an idiot can guess it. This is what makes the audience feel bad! What is not a mental retardation?

It is said that the Koreans also planned to let this film run for the Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film. I guess the American Film Institute will be very troubled about how to get the Koreans to give up this idea without hurting the feelings of friends.

This film, summed up in
one word - fake
one word summary - brain damage
One sentence summary - a tragedy caused by a fool

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