Rational chaos can show people's conscience

Rosetta 2022-07-05 20:31:03

Documentary film, the breaking of the fourth wall, a housewife's version of Ulysses' flaneur and fragments d'un discours in Paris, a poetic monologue of a group of women, pondering the Vietnam War, prostitution, the urban environment, etc. A hodgepodge of social issues. The Paris that is being generated and expanded in the movie is far less interesting than the highly modernized Tati Ville in Tati Play Time in the 1950s, but is plunged into noise and commotion, so the hearts of ordinary men and women also tremble with this rhythm. Philosophy is extracted from the surface, and fragmentedly expresses the powerlessness of language, the reality of life, and the distance between thought and reality. Godard tried his best to grab the audience's full attention. His lens is always jammed too slowly, and his eyes are unconsciously attracted by the inexplicable background (Bangkok posters, Japanese geisha ukiyo-e, Belgian beer posters, contrast of color blocks), and his hearing is also occupied by the noise caused by the lack of radio (The sound of decorations in restaurants and on the street, the unbridled cries and laughter of children, the rattling of toy guns), elles's expression continued to be broken, and in the end the audience only knew a little about them as the title said. Two" (2 or 3 choses que je sais d'elle). Godard was always the standard-bearer of the New Wave, and he went further than Rohmer, Truffaut, and Chabrol. Rohmer has played to the extreme on the acre of love and friendship, but has always been insulated from politics; Truffaut's films are not as bold as he wrote "a certain tendency of French cinema" in his early years; Chabrol is revealing and reflecting on social issues The depth can be compared with Godard, but the form is far less than the latter pioneer. Truffaut is the most combative and humanitarian author, as the narration in the film, which is almost inaudible, "shows the conscience of man with the chaos of reason", so his films always have the power to move people .

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