D'angelo 2022-10-24 09:02:34

The biggest feeling the movie gave me was the hostility to the United States. Such hostility may be intentional by the director, or it may be because I thought too much.

Of course, the greatest hostility is the war itself.

Everyone knows a thing or two about the history of the Korean War, so I won't talk nonsense here.

The silly girl in the film is really pure and flawless. When she finally died, her simple death message of "It's so hot here" made people feel heartache for her death.

Several soldiers who belonged to their respective units ended up fighting together for the village, not for some metaphysical doctrine, nor for money or profit, they only fought for the heart.

This is a war movie that has no surprises in the plot, but it will move you when you watch it as a whole.

The white snow witnessed the birth of heroes and the nihility and shame of war.

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