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The ROK National Army, the Korean People's Army, and the U.S. "Peacekeeping" Army met in Taohuayuan. The ideological tensions made human nature symbolic and stylized. The two sides in the same predicament chose to reconcile after confrontation, even to defend Peach Blossom Spring and fight together to become an allied army.

What makes this anti-war film unique is its focus on human nature. Use warm and humorous details to dissolve the ideology imposed by society on people, use the kind and pure character of the villagers to touch the hearts ravaged and infected by the war, and use an indifferent and numb attitude to accuse the ruthlessness and tyranny of war.

Favorite little details:
1. The bomb was thrown into the granary by mistake, and the white popcorn fell slowly like snow in an instant. The scene was beautiful.
2. During the confrontation between the two sides, the villagers talked a lot about wild boars breaking into the farmland, completely ignoring the situation of the two sides, and their attitude was really cute. After the rain, he hid himself in the eaves and watched the two sides face each other with swords and guns. The scene was full of irony.
3. No effort was spared in character shaping. One rainy afternoon, lying on the tatami while watching the rain and chatting, the Korean National Army sanitation staff and the Korean People's Army veterans fought hotly, and life was quiet and peaceful.

Dongmo Village uses fables to tell those people who are not belligerent by nature, that human nature should be kind and life should be full of love. However, the cruel reality has already told us that if the existence of Dongmo Village is a fairy tale, then its survival is just a good wish.

Peach Blossom Land is just a refuge, just a utopia.

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  • Teacher Kim: [in English] How are you?

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