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Eliezer 2022-07-05 15:38:59

Possibly one of the most obscure Godard films. He focuses on objectivity (thing, me) and subjectivity (I) (as Juliette says: me, myself, and I, all of us./The world is me; I am the world) : prostitution turns humans into products; products become the mediatation of human interaction (two women reading the same magazine).

He also focues on the means of exchange: commercial exchange, linguistic exchange and sexual exchange.

Aesthetically speaking, the use of close-ups : close-up of objects (coffee, cigarette) and of women's faces. Also the whispering narrative, which creates a sense of intimacy and requires the audience's full attention.

The word "elle" in the title could refer to Juliette, or the Paris region. But what are the 2 or 3 things still remains a question mark.

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